Truth must lie somewhere

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember this Pam Reece email:

This isn’t the only time Reece implies (or flat out states) spending $5 million+ to lay water lines on top of Bloomington’s isn’t to steal providing water to Rivian from Bloomington.

I wonder how she explains this email:

That brings me to this email from August of 2020?

See the two files originally attached? Why are they discussing water usage by the plant if Normal has no intention of supplying it? Why are they estimating service?

Those two documents are close to 8 months old. A FOIA for both was denied. I find it amusing Normal was able to deny a FOIA within a few hours of when it was filed.

So, one of the following must be true:

  • Last fall Rivian told Normal they don’t want water from them after Normal showed them the plans
  • Laying water pipes on top of Bloomington’s is still a mystery as to why. Normal has water on the north side of the they could use to connect to new development west of Rivian Parkway.

Maybe both are true!

It’s only $5,000,000+ for the project. Asking for an explanation won’t help get to the truth however. Someday the answer will magically appear on an agenda.






4 thoughts on “Truth must lie somewhere

  1. From day 1 it was obvious this was a scheme to steal water revenue from Bloomington at a taxpayer loss to both communities. Of course Reece has repeatedly and publicly denied this was the intent. But voters chose to keep the same “no questions asked”, rubber stamp Council and Mayor. As the truth unfolds it will be enlightening to learn which council members have issue with being lied to vs. those who approve town staff deceiving both the public and those we elect to represent us.

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  2. Reece and her comrades are despicable and disgusting. They have no shame. Stealing taxpayer money is second nature. The only difference between the Normal bunch and the criminals in Alorton Illinois is one group is being investigated. Hopefully their next stop will be Normal. Reece and Koos in handcuffs. How sweet would that be?


  3. Rivian will a lot of good to B/N for many years. Their money is also bringing out the worst in others. When the press reports that our politicians and town have gotten caught up in greed, corruption & lies with Rivian related projects it will hurt Rivian’s public image. Rivian’s name being involved will make it national news for their competitors to use against them. Rivian should make Normal do things on the up-n-up for their own damage control.

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  4. The lies are unraveling. We are starting to see why Koos and Co received so much money for a small town campaign. The political payback will start ASAP.

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