Critical Race Theory Public Comment

By: Diane Benjamin

The people claiming CRT is only in law school will get their comments deleted. I know where your indoctrination took place, it wasn’t in law school.

This comment was made at a Naperville School Board meeting. This lady covers CRT really well!

Now jump to the Unit 5 website:

Unit 5 has a Diversity and Inclusion officer.

Want to know what the Equity Audit showed? Nothing there.

Want to know what the Equity Action Plan is? Nothing there.

What about the DELT Team? QUOTE:

  • Empower educators to engage in equity work/anti-racist teaching

How is anti-racist teaching not racist? The only way to be anti-racist is to look at people by race. (Hint: racist)

Want to know about Student Demographics? Nothing there.

What’s really funny is January 18th is still listed as Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Why? To get a day off school?

The speaker in the video mentions a zoom presentation by a highly paid activist. Unit 5 doesn’t have enough data on line to see if they hired the same lady.







2 thoughts on “Critical Race Theory Public Comment

  1. I suspect that they leave all these equity policy and vision statements blank because they are struggling to define the word “equity” in a way that won’t cause an explosion of law suits and enraged parents and teachers.

    They are very much between a rock and a hard place because they let angry, fire bombing, Trump hating, empty headed activists lead them to a place they never should have gone in the first place.

    I would suggest they wait to define the word “equity” AFTER they repeal Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Good luck with that.

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