The Difference between Equality and Equity

I’ve been saving this story since March. It clearly explains where we are and why.


Benjamin Franklin explained it best when he said “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself”. That is equality! I just saw another simple explanation of the difference between equality and equity, “Equality is everybody being equal at the starting line of a race. Equity is everybody being equal at the finish line”.

Sadly, we have spoiled the younger generations and they don’t understand the idea of intense competition and exceptional results. Why is anybody surprised? We have eliminated real competition in schools giving everybody “Trophies for breathing” so nobody’s feelings are hurt. Many schools have eliminated dodgeball because it can be too stressful! The number of As given out has risen by roughly 25% while Ds and Cs have declined dramatically to make everybody feel good. Yet less than 50% of our 12K kids are proficient in reading, math, and science today. While America was number 1 in the world in PISA scores in reading, science, and math in the 60s; today our kids are 22nd on the average in reading, science, and math together in the world despite the fact that we spend more money per student than any other nation on Earth. Guess who rates #1? China which puts discipline, hard work, and excellent results as their top priorities in their schools, not “equity”. That is one of many reasons that China’s economy has rapidly risen to #2 in the world and they have a goal of beating America by 2050.

Please read the whole article, schools are teaching EQUITY.

One more excerpt:

Sadly, the concept of equity will destroy the futures of our kids and our nation. Going from a great nation in which “everybody reaches up to grab the brass ring” which is the definition of equality to a nation in which “everybody reaches down to the lowest common denominator” which is the definition of equity will insure that our kids, grandkids, and our great republic will decline in the world hurting all Americans.

6 thoughts on “The Difference between Equality and Equity

  1. Comment emailed to me:

    I read recently, from a Mom of school age kids, our best hope is the involvement of parents, not just at school board meetings, or at elections.

    (The teachers unions need to be dissolved, children haven’t been their priority in a long long time, if ever, and teachers have been university indoctrinated as well.)

    This mother made the point so clearly, that saving our kids is “on the parents” – at home- teaching them the facts and virtues to refute further indoctrination. Kids need to be taught what their parents determine to be character building ideals for their children…… before the schools get to them.

    Give your youngsters all the facts to hold their ground, with backbone and manners. Show them the words to use. Teach them humility for teachers forced to comply. Give them the tools to “fail” on principal without shame. Parents may not be ready to tell youngsters all the facts, but schools will teach them as early as possible their distorted version.


    Yes, vote! Yes, go to meetings! Yes, read their school books, test papers and literature! Yes, discuss EVERYTHING that school and teachers discuss!

    We can instill the future of our youngsters with more heart and concern, than any school. (A child’s first 10 years form their future and parents need to give them all the facts and ideals to make necessary choices when those times come.)

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  2. We’ll have to send our kids off to school with the message “don’t trust your teachers they could be lying to you”. Wouldn’t want to be a teacher either.

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  3. Normal’s government picks certain businesses as winners while making others (the losers) pay to subsidize their competition. One example is giving incentives to certain restaurants while refusing to offer the same advantage to others. Equality vs. Equity vs. Fair – The gist of this article is: The culture has changed. Instead of working hard to reach your goal, you can get in bed with government bureaucrats because they will take that goal from someone else and give it to you.

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  4. Well put Stan, but Portillos will ALWAYS suck! Haven’t been there, nor will I EVER! My BEST image of that place is bulldozers and a level lot!


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