Must watch video: Critical Race Theory

The video is 18 minutes by (actual) journalist Christopher Rufo who has been exposing this Marxist ideology for years.

It is in schools and government right now disguised as Equity, Diversity, Inclusiveness, Social Justice, White Supremacy, Anti-Racism, Social and Emotional learning, Culturally Responsive Teaching, and probably others.

This video-essay explores the intellectual history of critical race theory, how it’s devouring America’s public institutions, and what you can do to fight back.

6 thoughts on “Must watch video: Critical Race Theory

  1. Waiting for the Biden administration’s “Ministry of Truth” to pull this off of social media claiming it is false and misleading information. Jen Psaki recently admitted in a press conference that they communicate with Facebook on issues they have decided must be censored. Facebook complies.

    The Biden administration has decided that the biggest threat to America are people who disagree with the Biden administration and they have labeled them as domestic terrorists.

    Being domestic terrorists or passing on “false and misleading” information are grounds for knocking you off of any platform, software or media source available. For example read Microsoft’s user agreement. You can legally by denied use of any or all of Microsoft’s products by Joe Biden’s official proclamations.

  2. This is an excellent video. It exposes educational administrators and leftist apologists excuse that CRT is not being taught in our schools (including BL/N) or that CRT is just a fabricated republican talking point.

      1. That’s my point…
        The majority do and should not remain silent. The voters in Bloomington spoke loud and clear that they reject Jenn and her ilk.

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