Normal just can’t drop it!

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember back to last year. Usually when a zoning change is requested it is because some entrepreneur wants to develop a property in a way it isn’t zoned for.

That isn’t the case with One Normal Plaza. The Town is pushing allowing alcohol in the park. Yes, it is a park setting with kids playing, lots of green space, and a family atmosphere because it was created as a children’s home many decades ago. Since the only supporter who addressed this issue last year was Julie Hile, the Town must be catering to their friend. Hile owns property in ONP.

The area residents don’t want alcohol in the park. Many meetings were held by the neighbors, some included elected officials and Town staff.

One would think the opposition shown by these citizens would send a message to the Town to drop it. It would have greatly increased the chances of killing alcohol in the park if all the bobbleheads hadn’t been re-elected. Nice job Normal for not bothering to vote last April.

Anyway, the zoning change is coming back to the Planning Commission August 5th. The only consideration Normal gave to the area residents was delaying this hearing until meeting in person could take place. That is now. Signs should be visible around One Normal Plaza announcing the hearing.

If the Planning Commission approves what the Town wants then the whole Council will hear it. From experience we know how that will go, citizens are (of course) not seeing the change as being great, but the Town knows better.

The Planning Commission meeting will be at 5:00 pm in the Council Chambers, 4th floor at Uptown Station.

If you care about preserving the beauty of ONP and the property values, you need to attend this meeting. Since the Town’s history of only catering to their buddies is extensive, this one will be interesting.

10 thoughts on “Normal just can’t drop it!

  1. Audit the Normal election. That last minute dump of mail-in votes still looks fishy and follows the left wing’s power grab at-all-costs philosophy to a T.

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    1. The Illinois corruption is well-known even in my new hometown in Indiana. In just a little over two weeks here when people ask where I am from, the first thing out of their mouths is to make light of Illinois politics. I have already met several people that couldn’t take it anymore and moved here as well to get away from the daily dishonesty and excessive taxes in Illinois. Sad really, but no one cares whether it be BN, Springfield or Chicago. You see Dave, if Koos did steal an election, the way he and his acolytes see it, what had to be done had to be done. I’m been in the meetings and closed door sessions. They really do feel you are too stupid to fend for yourself and that their little clique are everyone’s intellectual superiors.

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  2. This whole thing is corrupt. Instead of the Hile-Broads spending their own money to change the zoning on their property to allow a bar they have the town doing it for them on the taxpayer’s dime.

    Broad and Hile were appointed to government positions by Koos. Normal donates your tax dollars to help fund their annual bocce ball gala. Plus they have a business that does paid consulting work for the local municipalities. To top off the corruption, they are also founding members of Koo’s political PAC.

    So much corruption in Normal.

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  3. You betcha Disgruntled Dave. Massive election fraud in the 2020 USA presidential election and still some people think that Tiritilli and all three challengers to the establishment were left untouched? Gimme a break! This is the corrupt state of Illinois for cryin’ out loud! Bloomington-Normal, Obama’s jewel of the midwest. Otherwise get in line all you doubters. I’ve got a portfolio of bridges to sell you all over the country! Take your pick. Blue light special going on right now. That said I stand to be corrected and wish to be corrected if anyone has got real information to stand me down. BTW anyone know the procedure or cost to audit the Normal election? I’m ready to throw in a few bucks.

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    1. All they will do is insist that that all of the votes were counted fairly – just like other places they say counting and then recounting the votes is plenty so they count and recount even the full on fraudulent ones and then insist everything was conducted fairly “SEE we’ve counted and recounted the votes and the results are the same” – they think that should be enough for the unhappy peasants.

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