Normal Trustees think they make policy. Ha Ha Ha

By: Diane Benjamin

See this link:

That link is the Town requesting bids. Remember when the “professional staff” picked an insurer because they liked the people – even though they were more expensive?

The “professional staff” threw that ol’ Buy Local philosophy out the window because they wanted to. Obviously that only applies to resident plebes. All but one Trustee didn’t care about spending more for the same service, the other lower bids were only obtained by FOIA. Trustees never saw them before the vote.

Back to the link above. This statement is included:

The contract award will be made by staff and their decision will be final.

This is why sometimes the meeting documentation shows all the bids and sometimes only the one “staff” picked.

Trustees are immaterial, decisions are never their job. The don’t make policy, they rubberstamp the “professional staff”.

(Except for one, you know who)








6 thoughts on “Normal Trustees think they make policy. Ha Ha Ha

  1. They are NOT concerned with “Buy Local” unless you are talking about bicycles!

    We even mail our real estate tax checks to another state for processing…I think our tax checks go to Kansas City, MO!

  2. Yes…paying at the bank is a payment option.

    But I prefer to write a check…the checks go to Kansas City MO for processing

    Copied from the McLean County Gov page =

    Mail tax payment along with your payment stub to our bank processing center: McLean County Collector PO Box 843637 Kansas City, MO. 64184-3637

    Pay in person at the Treasurer’s office in the McLean County Government Center

    Use payment drop box located by the East St. side entrance of the McLean County Government Center

    Use IVR & online options below or call 1-877-647-7238 User convenience fee applies:
    E-Check: $2.00 — Credit/Debit Card: $1.50 plus 2.25%

    Pay through the drive-up at most local banks – check with your bank first regarding acceptance

  3. Even the Chamber CEO has said that decisions are made before they ever reach the council.

    Q. What is the purpose of the council in Normal?
    A. They are scapegoats for staff to avoid accountability for their decisions.

    Stan Nord – Normal Council Person (Scapegoat)

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