Spend it on sewers Bloomington!

By: Diane Benjamin

Below are two screen shots from Monday’s Council video:

All the free money awarded to Bloomington can be spent on separating sewer and storm water lines. The current project on East Washington cost around $4.2 million.

Citizens with sewage in the homes need to demand it is only spent on health and safety! The Council can eliminate backups caused by failure to budget money in previous years with no pain to local taxpayers.

Remember when the Council went woke in 2019 and decided Aldermen should be called Council persons? https://blnnews.com/2019/05/14/bus-service-dominates-council/

All but two of the name plates are pictured below, none say Council person. Probably because State Law says “Alderperson”. (The red lines are on the video, not commentary!)

3 thoughts on “Spend it on sewers Bloomington!

  1. Interesting article on WGLT about Mathey…acting like he cares now. I swear WGLT reads you blog and writes stories to defend the swamp all while stealing money from the citizens. Bloomington might spend 20% on Sewers, I bet the rest goes to pet projects.


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