Rivian Planning to Expand ELSEWHERE


14 thoughts on “Rivian Planning to Expand ELSEWHERE

  1. Upon further investigation, there are career openings in the following countries:
    Canada, Netherlands, UK and of course the US are all listed as current locations.
    States include, AZ,CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MA, MI, MN, NV, NY OR, PA TN, TX UT WA and DC.
    Just like other automakers, for example Tesla, have various manufacturing plants in various locations. It seems to be an industry standard. Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Rivian “The getting ready to get ready” EV Co. By the time they get ready, every other EV manufacturer in the world will be producing 3rd generation EV’s.
    Whatever happens with Rivian probably won’t be in Illinois anyway. I’m sure the union vulture’s are circling the Normal facility on a regular basis.

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    1. Sorry to say, I remain a doubter also. At the start I did much research on the company and Mr. Madoff..oh I mean Scarange himself. Just answer one question: how can a company be valued at $50 billion when it hasn’t sold (or produced) a single product yet?

      Sounds like the same way Illinois passes a “balanced’ budget…


  3. Tesla just signed a deal with BHP for Nickel for their batteries. The mine is in Western Australia, and one of the cheapest and highest quality nickel mines to work. Where’s RIVIAN?? Mr Koos??

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  4. Pantagraph – Page 2 September 9, 2043 – “Rivian announces that the launch date for their first actual vehicle that regular people can actually buy besides multi-billionaires and multi-national companies has once again been stalled and the launch date, which was originally to be November of 2043 is now March of 2044 – Normal remains hopeful that all of these years of helping them along will pay off before all of the original supporters have passed on. “

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    1. Something tells me this is just the beginning of Illinois and Normal getting it up the arse from these folks. When you start a company and have no seed money to contribute from your own bank account and have to depend totally on investors you no longer have a say in how the company moves forward. This announcement plus their plans to manufacture in Europe has Jeff Bezos’ fingerprints all over it. Wait until Bezos decides he no longer wants to put up with Illinois taxes or decides Normal no longer figures in his long-range plans. That’s when the fun will begin in earnest. He’s invested because it was always about owning the battery technology. This is the first salvo. Maybe his buddy the Communist Van Jones will put some of his newly-found $100 million into the company to help the non-white downtrodden.

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  5. Watching you people shift the goalpoasts any time there’s positive news for the greatest thing to ever happen to this town is hilarious. I have to check back in every time there’s new news announced just to be reminded how under average intelligence the daily readers of this site are. I even see Diane is starting to turn the corner and understand. In less than a year we’ll have MANY new retirees in this town and plenty of new millionaires and you’ll all be wondering “why didn’t I get in sooner?”


    1. No thanks. It isn’t a sustainable business. Electricity doesn’t come from wind and solar, at least enough to charge large numbers of electric vehicles. Are are correct about creating millionaires, it’s call wealth redistribution.


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