Teaching Media Literacy?

By: Diane Benjamin

Pritzker has signed a bill requiring schools to teach media literacy. How will this be implemented?

Will the Russia hoax media be recommended? How about the Charlottesville hoax media? Why is only conservative media reporting Covid-positive illegals flooding the southern border and being flown across the country by the military and released?

Is this democrat initiative really a way for activists to control what kids know?

Most of the national media are democrat operatives, they either worked for a democrat or their spouse does. Half truths are common while embarrassing democrat stories don’t get covered. If Don Jr. had dropped off that laptop instead of Joe Jr (Hunter), the media would have been all over the corruption. Media is even ignoring Hunter’s recreation of the Clinton Foundation by selling his childish art for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Think he’s selling access to daddy like he did when Joe was VP? Journalists opted out of that story too.

(FYI: Calling me a journalist is an insult, comments to that affect will be deleted)

If a Republican had been caught sleeping with a Chinese spy do you think he would still be on the Intelligence Committee or even still be in the House? Journalism died years ago and has been replaced by operatives and activists. Some schools want to include Social Media in media literacy, Facebook’s fact checkers are the same operatives and activists.

I found the perfect email in a FOIA I received from Unit 5 that proves it isn’t possible to teach media literacy because literacy doesn’t exist.

Note the date, 6 days after the “DC riot”:

See the last line: critical thinking skills are important, just not to the writer. 6 days isn’t enough time to know what happened. Six months later we still don’t know. 14,000 hours of video still hasn’t been released to the public. Hundreds of people are being held without bail on minimal charges. Only democrats are still calling January 6th an insurrection, nobody has been charged with anything close. Video is available of police holding open doors for people to enter, is this another FBI setup? See the Gretchen Whitmer kidnaping case for reference. (another media ignored story)

We don’t know the who, what, when, where, and why of January 6th. Caroline read articles on line and thought she did. The below is on Facebook and since fact checkers haven’t slapped a “false” on it, it must be true:

Did that long list of English and Social Studies teachers who received

the email pass their “Fake News” on to their students?

Teaching media literacy will be skewed by who the teacher voted for. The Teacher’s Union funds democrats. What media literacy do you think will be taught?








14 thoughts on “Teaching Media Literacy?

  1. Covington… can’t forget about the outstanding, credible media coverage of that story! 🤦

  2. At first I was taken aback that we would have someone so full of hate and lies teaching our children, but then I reread the email. It’s actually quite ambiguous – she sites the quoted vitriol, but she doesn’t endorse it. It’s possible that she’s citing it as an example of the worst kind of fake news, though she doesn’t overtly say that either.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever called you a journalist, Diane, but I have accused you of doing actual journalism, which is exceedingly rare in media these days. Thank you so much for all you do for our community and area!

  3. I think the place this all started was at the NYTimes listing all of Trump’s 20,000 “lies” just after he was elected.
    They had no idea that would go over so well with the Mediacrats and their lemmings.
    I remember reading one – Trump said we had been in Afghanistan 14 years – That’s a LIE! says the NYT, it was 15 years! They also counted every opinion Trump had that they disagreed with and every time he talked about it.

    Fast forward to today and the same people are telling us we need a government Ministry of Truth.
    These people are dangerously delusional.

  4. Since Pritzker and the state has determined they control what is taught,home owners who have no say should no longer be expected to support schools thru real estate taxes. Since union members can request not to have money taken out in dues that go for political activities and agendas, the union of homeowners should request the same. After all it is being used to push a leftist agenda by the round mound of sound.

  5. Leftist’s New World Dictionary –
    Media Literacy – is the ability to identify different types of media and understand the messages they’re sending.

    I wonder if Pritzker will supply the tin foil hats or will the kids have to make their own?

  6. I REALLY don’t think that a demonrat could ACTUALLY tell the truth in a court of law UNDER OATH, as they have become so delusional that they believe what the “spin doctors” that feed their stupid cerebral matter say..
    BOTTOM LINE, speaking of Chinese spies, didn’t Pelosi have a driver years back that turned out to be a Chinese spy… HMMMMMM.. MORE SPIN…
    Seems that demonrats “twist” the truth more then those old timers that made “Kentucky Twist” chewing tobacco..
    And they’re going to teach LITERACY?? That’s like having a viking teach table manners!

  7. They have basically come out and said now that ANY information that does NOT come from the current administration and the Alphabet agencies is misinformation and is not to be listened to at all. Youtube removed 15 videos of Brazil’s Bolsonaro presenting info on the Chinese beasties that they cooked up in their little putrid bio labs in Wuhan (and other places as well) with the financial support and technical help of the USA (American tax dollars) and the WHO and CDC and all of the other dirty players that was contrary to the “Official” narrative. It’s local, it’s statewide, it’s national and it’s global, and it’s very very concerning. There is a rather frightening number of people who swallow everything they see and hear from NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSDNC, (msnbc) and truly believe Fauci is the final word… it’s not even funny any more. I’ve used the Rona as an example, but it’s with EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING.

    1. And you are still a liar and cancer on society. Facebook rightly banned you and other social media platforms should also ban you. I’m not playing, but I’m earnest in assuring that YOU stay on the fringes of society. You have no place in this country were all you do is to impart hatred and division along with the lies and more lies and daily moral monstrosity on this blog.

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