Things you need to know:

By: Diane Benjamin


2 more things from Bloomington Council meeting last Monday:

Tim Gleason thinks he has to obey whatever Pritzker utters, of course getting money is involved. Gleason is going to require all fire department personnel to be vaccinated or test twice a week. No mention of people who have had COVID and therefore have antibodies. Since testing is expensive he might try bribes, this “mandate” could spread to all departments. Since vaccinated people can still get COVID, why are all personnel not required to test twice a week? Can we expect common sense to return anytime soon? Pritzker doesn’t make laws Tim!

None of the people who have applied to fill the Ward 6 vacancy fit for the Mayor:


EXCITING NEWS: Partnership Opportunity for Local Businesses

Actually not so exciting. Email sent from Bloomington:

Two rescheduled events are listed for October:

Since the City is now managing the Coliseum, they would have to hire and train people to do concessions or pay staff to work. Of course nobody wants to work anymore so labor is being pawned off on local liquor license holders who also can’t find people to work. Good luck with this one!

(an excited announcement?)


I bet you thought United Way was a charity organization. You would be wrong:

United Way of Illinois held a 21-Week Equity Challenge to gain a deeper understanding about the impact systemic racism and inequity have on our state and in our local communities.

Click the link to see all the topics covered in 21 weeks. United Way has joined the Marxist arm of the Democrat Party. Equity isn’t Equality.

Don’t miss Week 3. You have “privilege” if you are White, Christian, Male, Heterosexual, and if you actually worked for what you have.

Remember: “You didn’t build that”? “You misinterpret socio-economic status as something you did on your own.”

I hear this “challenge” was offered to all District 87 teachers. Unit 5?







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  1. I heard Tim Gleason was pressured by Pam Reece to require Bloomington firemen to be vaccinated so she was not alone in what she mandated in Normal.

  2. Lets face it these people have no interest in science, facts, cost etc. Stand up to this abuse of your freedoms. What happened to my body, my choice. Killing babies is OK so maybe these vaccines are to do the same thing for the vaccinated population. I am in Florida where the governor at least is fighting this abuse.

  3. Another example of who’s following the science in Bloomington…
    The sign on Oakland Jewel store says masks are recommended. The sign on Blm Panera store says per Local Mandate masks are required. Jewel did you miss the Local Mandate?
    I swear, people are just making stuff up. I was in WI Friday and didn’t see one sign anywhere.

    1. I haven’t spent a dollar in Panera since I realized just how “woke” they are, which was several years ago now. There are actually only a few places this time being totally draconian on the mask nonsense, they should be avoided at all costs even if you yourself prefer wearing the symbol of obedience, don’t support the places that demand it. ALL of this would end if people would just stop “doing as told” and those face rags are the key people, it’s the easily seen symbol of obedience. People keep saying “when this ends” well it will end only when the PEOPLE end it, otherwise, it’s not going to, social credits coming next, pay attention, the Globalists/NWO types LOVE people who are ignorant, who never question, who don’t pay attention and just do as told by the “authority figures”. In case no one noticed, as soon as most people had shed the face rag they started crowing about the “increasing number of cases” constantly – as soon as Jelly Belly sent down another proclamation from his summer palace in Wisconsin (with not even a vague idea of when it will end) there has been almost NO announcing of number of “cases”. By the way, big outbreak at Harvard, 95% of the school double jabbed and all masked up, but enough “cases” that they had to shut down at least one school for a while and have only “distance learning”. It’s ALL BS people. The leftists constantly tout Norway as being so wonderful, well, Norway has now classed “it” as just a regular flu and there will be NO mandatory vaccine policies. I wonder if they will start trashing Norway now? That IS their M.O.

  4. After shutting them down and causing major financial damage if not ruin to businesses this past PLAN-demic year the city needs their help. Ain’t that special? Liquor license holders already are “partnered” with the city for all the taxes, licenses, gaming, fees, fines, threats, and such that they have to pay. Hmmm, let’s see now, what else can we squeeze them for? Yeah let’s try to steal their employees. Oh yeah, gonna have to be vaccinated too. Oh! Oh! Then let’s not forget all the extra paperwork thrown at the smaller businesses to set up tents outside so they can have customers, while big box stores remained open. I wouldn’t be surprised that most license holders would love to just reply,,,Piss Off!

    1. As soon as you see the phrase “We have created a unique opportunity” followed by “partner with the city” – you know it’s a leftist clown show where only a few “unique” individuals will profit that is IF the entire thing doesn’t go belly up right away. My advice to any of these businesses is stay away, stay far far away, let the “usual suspects” have their boring little soirees on their own, like they do anyway.

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