Pam Reece owes Stan Nord an apology

By: Diane Benjamin

I didn’t get around to posting this after the September 20th meeting. Since Normal will be meeting next week, Pam Reece can apologize to Stan Nord then.

During comments at the end of the meeting Reece stated that Nord doesn’t agree with spending local motor fuel taxes on sidewalks. Here is her entire comment, she references Landmark Drive:

From the June 21, 2021 packet:

Why did Stan vote YES on the Landmark Drive Sidewalk project if he opposed it? I do remember Nord asking who would be responsible for clearing it of ice and snow, but obviously he was pro-sidewalk with local motor fuel taxes.

Maybe the Mayor can start the meeting with Pam’s apology.

9 thoughts on “Pam Reece owes Stan Nord an apology

  1. Also, when Normal doubled the gas tax, I proposed the gas tax being dedicated to repair and maintain roads and SIDEWALKS. Of course, facts or my voting record does not matter when being bullied and my character attacked.

    Pam Reece uses her position to play politics and paint those who voice dissent in a negative light. She has used this tactic against residents, business owners, and those elected who dared to take an opposing position to hers. She has proven that she is willing to publicly misrepresent truth.

    There is nothing illegal about the town manager playing politics by misinforming the public and the council. However, it is unethical. The role of the town manager should be neutral. But this is the Town of Normal where ethics take a back seat if they are even allowed on the bus.

    Stan Nord – Normal Council member with the spine to represent taxpayers above the town manager’s wants

  2. I forget to add. I do not expect an apology. It would be hallow anyway. The best I can hope is for residents to call the people the elected to the council and ask them;

    “Are you a cheerleader for whatever the town staff wants or do you represent the fiscal interests of the residents of Normal?”

    I’ll save you the call to ask me. I represent the residents first. My voting record and ability to say NO proves this.

  3. Great Comments Stan Nord – – Many Apologies are due you from not only Pam but also the other council members.
    & Agree that they would be insincere

  4. Pam Reece needs to (also) apologize to all of the citizens of Normal for being and uncaring, arrogant old witch! Anybody got any old brooms they don’t want they ought to drop them off to Normal City Hall so Pam can choose her ride out of town as Halloween is just around the corner.

    1. No worries. Her majesty will be gone soon, in a couple of years at the latest. An over inflated pension is coming her way that the taxpayers of Normal will be stuck with for life. While she earns it she can become a government consultant or better yet maybe she’ll become interim director of Connect Transit.

  5. Diane I’ll donate $100 towards you having a Halloween contest for the best drawing or photo shopped image of Pam dressed (appropriately) as a witch flying out of uppity town on a broomstick. Maybe a picture of her circling back around the water feature, laughing and screaming about her “little pretties.”

  6. I believe Reece’s character is more akin to Lady Macbeth. Witches possess supernatural powers…and all Reece can offer is extreme deceit and avarice. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.

  7. A fireman told me Pam was the reason the shared fire station with Bloomington failed. He said it was because she could not get past Bloomington ending the Metrozone. But he was happy not to have to deal with Normal’s B.S. Queen Pam and King Koos’s toxicity costs taxpayers on both side of Division.

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