UPDATE: Have a 1st Grader at Unit 5?

If you know a student in Kat Mudd’s 1st grade class at Pepper Ridge, I need to talk to a parent!

By: Diane Benjamin

A tip I received claimed a 1st Grade Teacher in Unit 5 is telling her class they aren’t boys or girls. The “wokeness” goes farther so if this is true it needs to be stopped.

If you have a 1st grader in a Unit 5 school talk to them. Chances are a child this young won’t be getting video of the teacher indoctrinating them. I have an idea of what school is involved but I have not been able to gather any other information.

Let me know if you have more information: [email protected].

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  1. When I was a kid I would have replied, “Well you’re a stupid teacher if you want me to believe that crap.”

  2. Unit 5 is very much more organized when it comes to their desire to twist our kids minds into these crazed knots. I anticipate more and bigger craziness from them soon.

    It’s a shame. We are already seeing evidence of racial and sexual segregation but worse we are seeing children becoming angry and vindictive against kids that aren’t a part of their group. AND being cheered on by their teachers and school administrators!

      1. Hiring a director of “equity and inclusion” with an action plan and very larger teacher’s committee is also a mistake.

  3. What might lead a Unit 5 teacher to say “there are no boys or girls.”?

    Unit 5’s final Equity Audit Report is 120 pages long and a difficult read through but at the end is their list of definitions which gives a good insight into what the document is all about. Here are a few.
    Note: that you can not be a racists if you are black.

    Oppression: The exercise of power to unjustly manipulate resources and treatment against others, often experienced by minoritized identities.

    Power: The capacity and ability to exercise influence among individuals, or at a structural or systemic level.

    Racism: The individual, cultural, and institutional beliefs, and actions of oppression that manifest privileges to White people, or those that identify or are perceived White, based on devaluing the experience and humanity of Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color (BIPOC), or those that identify as BIPOC. Racism is fueled by White supremacy ideology.

    Sexism: The individual, cultural, and institutional beliefs, and acts of oppression that manifest privileges to men, or those that identify as males, based on devaluing women, or those that identify as female. Sexism if fueled by male supremacy, also known as the patriarchy.

    Social Constructs: All dominant and non-dominant identities that exist in visible and invisible social stratification systems of one’s value, positionality, and full humanity.

    White privilege: Unearned privileges associated with light skin color, or race, which manifest visible and invisible benefits to White people, acknowledged or not, within every socio-economic and political aspect of society.

    Also is a list of documents and books referenced in their conclusions. No surprise to see Robin DeAngelo’s book White Fragility listed. I don’t know about the other authors but suspect they are equally woke.

    And if you know anything about CRT you will see clear parallels to it and this document.

  4. This is call grooming and desensitization. It leads to pedophelia, pornography and child trafficking. As shown at “Operation Underground Railroad” on the website below, it’s all linked. We must protect our children.
    #O.U.R. This organization was created by former Navy SEAL and US special Agent Tim Ballard who saw this tragedy taking place first hand. The movie “Sound of Freedom”, with Jim Caviezel portrays Tim.

    For more information go to:

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