The problem with schools

By: Diane Benjamin

Start with what most people would agree with:

Students should to be taught how to think, not what to think.

That means the cultural and political views of teachers should never enter the classroom. If your kids know who their teacher voted for, where they stand on abortion, or what activism they participate in – they are being indoctrinated not educated.

Next, see this quote from a teacher of 46 years:

Have you heard younger people prefer socialism? Duh, they weren’t taught what it really is and how many people have died because of it. Of course government paying them not to work sounds wonderful. Of course government schools aren’t teaching them the result of government largess.

Instead of reading, math, science, and English the kids are taught to respect “feelings”. It doesn’t matter that “feelings” are subjective, often detrimental, and change frequently.

That brings me to 2020 ISU graduate and 1st grade teacher at Pepper Ridge, Kat Mudd. She doesn’t call herself Miss or Ms, she’s Mx. On the first day of school that was the sign outside her classroom. When a SIX year old asked about it, she told them she didn’t feel female or male.

I know some parents were upset and met with the principal and Superintendent Weikle. Included in the conversations was the Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

The parents were told to suck it up. Unit 5 does not believe the personal opinions of teachers should not be in the classroom. This is their idea of Inclusive. The public schools no longer exist to educate, they want to sexualize children and create future activists who will assist their political goals.

Are their still good teachers? If you are one it is time to take a stand and resign from the teacher’s union now. Your dues are used to keep moving forward with an un-American agenda. If you stay in the union you are part of the problem.

This story was read THOUSANDS of times:

Other disgusting excerpts from this book are on social media. You have your head underground if you think this is the only offensive book kids have access to. The agenda now is to make the abnormal normal while preventing parents from objecting. (DEI)

The Unit 5 School Board is meeting October 27 at 6:30. Parents need to attend to support those who do speak, you don’t have to but the Board needs to hear from lots of different people.

Kids only have one shot at education. Parents need to make sure it’s great.

I hope people who care are already planning to run for school board!

8 thoughts on “The problem with schools

  1. Please, seek help. There are many excellent counselors out there who can provide the help that you need. Anger and disillusionment happen to many people. Don’t be ashamed. Everyone can use a helping hand from time to time. Good luck in your recovery.

  2. I could refer to you as a fascist, but that gets us nowhere. Please get help. I am concerned for you. God bless!

  3. Our schools have been failing our children for years. The score data is available to see and appalling. They are turning many of our kids into brain numb (sorry to say) idiots. The numbers don’t lie.

    I think we will see many more teachers like Mudd in our schools because any adult with the smallest amount of dignity and self respect would not choose to work in such a pathetic system.

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