Follow the Science? Schools aren’t!

By: Diane Benjamin

Title: Vaccinated People Easily Transmit COVID-19 Delta Variant in Households: UK Study


Unit 5 doesn’t care if parents have recovered from COVID and therefore don’t need a shot. They also don’t care about parents who don’t want an experimental injection that doesn’t prevent getting COVID. If you don’t have a VAX CARD, you can’t come to your child’s classroom.

How long will it be before kids with unvaccinated parents can’t come to school?

Unit 5 proves below masks don’t work. The kids are masked, the parents would be masked, why are unvaccinated parents a threat?

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2 thoughts on “Follow the Science? Schools aren’t!

  1. I think its the CDC that is behind in the science of natural immunity. Apparently they’ve forgotten decades of past experience. They probably will be “clueless” for as long as Pharma has the original old (pre delta) vaccine to sell.

    It sounds like their logic is that they STILL don’t know how long immunity lasts. Or they don’t want to know. Thus endless booster$.

    In this guidance they admit that antibodies are generated by the body from either infection or the vaccine and no distinction is made. But insist that you get a shot even if you have naturally generated antibodies.

  2. The social and psychological impact of preventing parents ability to participate in their children’s activities is highly detrimental. These people call themselves educators and understand pedagogy?

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