BCPA Shows – all losers

By: Diane Benjamin

I had to FOIA the event reports for all BCPA shows, they still aren’t posted to the City website. Below are 6 shows, every one of them lost money. The performance fee is not on the reports because the BCPA thinks other acts will want more money if they see what some are paid.

The loss totals $86,855 and another $2,542 for a settlement. That is a total loss of $89,397. Where are the social justice warriors now? Should we start calling this subsidized entertainment for the rich? Why is entertainment government’s job? The Coliseum proved government isn’t capable of entertainment, the BCPA is proving that too.

The BCPA needs to quit booking shows and only rent the facility for events. Either the staff isn’t capable of booking shows people want to see or the Bloomington-Normal area can not support the volume of shows being booked.

A show is booked for tomorrow with tickets ranging from $54 to $80. That is entertainment for the few that can afford it.

See all the shows booked here: https://www.artsblooming.org/events/all-events-list-view

More losses coming!

Note to the BCPA staff: If any of the performance fees don’t match the event, start putting all the expenses on the reports. Two dates don’t match the show dates, but there weren’t any other shows they could apply to. The total loss amount won’t change.


Report shows a profit of $3,223, not including a performance fee of $22,000 for a total loss of $18,777. 282 attendees.


Report shows a $6,650 loss, not including a performance fee of $35,000 for a total loss of $41,650. Ticket sales were a measly $7,806.20. 183 attendees.

Add this settlement to the loss?


Report shows a profit of $5,857.10, not including a performance fee of $14,400 for a total loss of $8,543. 346 attendees

Dates don’t match, I’m assuming this is the correct performance fee:


Report shows a profit of $839, not including a performance fee of $1,875 for a total loss of $1,036. 147 attendees


Report shows a loss of $2,747, not including a performance fee of $3,600 for a total loss or $6,347. 57 attendees.

Dates don’t match on this one either


Report shows a profit of $653, not including a performance fee of $11,175 for a total loss of $10,522. 187 attendees.

10 thoughts on “BCPA Shows – all losers

  1. Only a government operated agency can lose money year after year and never go out of business. When will they pull the plug on this? About the same day they sell the Coliseum. Maybe they can make it a package deal.

    Venues like these that are propped up by taxpayer dollars discourage private investment and make it difficult for legitimate competitors such as The Castle to compete.

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  2. Leftist support for the Green Top Grocery, the Coliseum, the BCPA , Uptown Normal, Downtown Bloomington, Connect Transit and Rivian are all part of a world that is separate from the real world. All are failures waiting for the day when the free money ends. This is what happens when you don’t vote and leftists take over. And now their cherry on the top of this nightmare sundae is going to be a library addition.

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    1. Scaringe was on CNN just a few days ago. Of course all he wanted to do was talk about the IPO valuation and how to put an end to the manufacture of combustion engine vehicles. He dodged questions about the one-sided Amazon contract and it’s actual specifics, when vehicles were going to be delivered and what the were going to do with the investment money. You can tell the guy is a liar with little to no actual business experience. He was talking about twenty years into the future instead of addressing the companies immediate concerns.

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      1. The cool-aid leftist drinking Koos posse have never asked this Scaringe one hard question. Just imagine if we had gotten a real automaker into that plant? Koos and company didn’t give a shit about Mitsubishi (except for taxing them to death). But when a leftist came to town with dreams of building a “green” vehicle, he could do no wrong. He still can do no wrong. Production numbers are a joke but no one seems a bit concerned. I guess as long as they have free money and don’t have to actually make a profit the dream can continue.

        But as we all know… you can’t continue to pour millions down the drain each day without reaching an endpoint. Stockholders want results, not BS or PR videos.


      2. The entire Rivian thing has become a fantasy that way too many people are thinking is a reality. Just like a lot of the other leftist sham shows somebody needs to point out that the “emperor” has no clothes. I heard they overtook GM and are now the number 2 car company in the United States. I’m waiting for this thing to fall sooooo hard, but of course Scaringe (cringe) will float away Scott free and take his snake oil somewhere else under a new name and a new pitch. In a sane world and not the bizzarro world we are living in he would be run out of town on a rail. I still think that I am right and Rivian is the biggest scam of a company ever to run a game on a bunch of trusting idiots who think they are the “smart people” Some however will make out like bandits.


  3. The choices of the BCPA shows, show, that as usual, “these people” are horribly out of touch with the interests and likes and dislikes of the majority of people here in this area. They firmly believe their little “click” is the way most people are, and they are wrong.

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