Hilarious FOIA responses

By: Diane Benjamin

On October 29, 2021 I submitted a FOIA to McLean County pertaining to John Butler’s case. After a couple reminders about the FOIA being late (they have 5 business days), I was told it’s taking so long because of staff shortages. I was promised I would receive the information on December 8, 2020. That didn’t happen. Next I was promised the FOIA would be filled on January 7th. The County never requested additional time.

Instead I got this:

More than 2 months late, the County claims they still have 2800 unreleased pages even though they included a long list of things they weren’t going to produce. This is coming from the State’s Attorney’s office. I asked what information is left considering it appears most of the case is redacted, so far no response. When government fails to comply with the law it makes it difficult to expect everybody to comply.

Bloomington is even funnier. Two shows were held last fall at the Coliseum. Both had been reschedules due to COVID. I asked for the event reports for both. They at least ASKED for an extension:

The reason is funny:

So, producing a report showing the profit or loss from a show held at a taxpayers building is “categorical”? It requires “extensive search”?

Thankfully nobody is booking shows at Grossinger Motors Arena, the only events are IHSA competitions. https://www.grossingermotorsarena.com/events-and-tickets/calendar

Think those will make money? Will anyone at the City actually check? Stay tuned.

One surprise, the event reports for the BCPA are finally posted on the City website. https://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-1993

Of course performance fees aren’t on the reports. You can either read those here or search yourself.

3 thoughts on “Hilarious FOIA responses

  1. Where are the professional hockey team and arena football team that was promised to meet the revenue projections?
    Oh yeah, that panned out about like the rest of the projections.

    But we do have an arena, so all is good!

  2. Fly on the Wall: hears the Director of the BCPA James Mack is No Longer employed, same with the production manager……

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