Bloomington’s final meeting of the year

By: Diane Benjamin

Council is meeting tonight at 6:00 to clear the rest of December for Christmas.

None of the event reports at the BCPA have been posted on line:

Evidently I have to FOIA all shows. Is the City afraid to tell citizens how much is lost to subsidized entertainment for the well off? Average citizens can’t afford to attend shows when tickets in the back row are likely $50 each. These bills for the BCPA are being paid tonight, I guarantee the show with a $36,000 performance fee lost money:

This FOIA should be interesting:

FYI for the County Tax Assessor:

Part of the Coliseum is being rented to Convention and Visitors Bureau. That makes it TAXABLE, not Exempt.

Agenda for tonight:

Any Council member who votes for the library property tax increase hereby loses their right to claim poor people should be given any taxpayer assistance for any reason.

Inflation is out of control, energy costs are up over 30% for the year:

When people can’t afford to heat their homes this Council can not provide any assistance. The majority will vote to raise property taxes which will also raise rents. The yes votes mean they would rather have a rec center than allow people to spend their money where they need to. The biggest threat to the success of citizens is their government!

The only other major item on the agenda is an ADA plan. This is brought to you by the same people who built the Coliseum non-ADA compliant and had to spend around $1 million to make it compliant.

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