Heartland College Hypocrisy

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

One thing COVID has revealed is authoritarians adore telling other people how to live while not following the same rules themselves. Pritzker, a high risk to die from COVID himself for being obese, loves locking the State down and masking kids. Illinois is the only state in the Midwest with a mask mandate! Remember when his family went to Florida while you were told to stay home? The examples are endless!

Do you know who this guy is?

He is Keith Cornille, President of Heartland Community College. Heartland is forcing its students to upload proof of vaccination status or be tested weekly. They are also forced to wear masks indoors:


Non-compliance can get you tossed out school! I hear fines are also possible and students can’t register for more classes if any fines are outstanding.

Below is more proof of the hypocrisy of elites who think nobody will notice:

Yep, that is maskless Cornille almost check-to-cheek posing for a picture. See the people in the background, all maskless.

The picture was taken at the December 15th Chamber of Commerce “Business After Hours” event held at Rob Dob’s Restaurant.

To be fair, I went to an event at Rob Dob’s, they don’t enforce the mask policy. The hypocrisy lies in demanding students at Heartland comply with dictatorial edicts issued from on high while Cornille lives free when not on campus.

Is Covid real or not Mr. Cornille? If there is an outbreak on campus can we blame you? Just because you get vaccinated doesn’t mean you aren’t a spreader or even immune!

If you can be “mask-free” in public, why do you enforce Pritzker’s idiocy on campus? You need to breath but students don’t?

Covid fear is not going to end until people quit complying. Don’t try that at Heartland though, they have a snitch link on their website, see the bottom of this page: https://www.heartland.edu/studentHandbook/conduct.html

Is the McLean County Chamber of Commerce telling people not to comply with Pritzker’s mandates? Are they calling Pritzker a dictator for not consulting our elected representatives on policies? Is Pritzker ignoring court rulings against his tyranny hurting your members Chamber? Or, are you hypocrites too?

Rules for thee but not for me?








9 thoughts on “Heartland College Hypocrisy

  1. The one thing you can count on for sure: STATE MONEY going into this Cornille clown’s bank account is solely and directly correlative with Heartland’s mask mandate. Same with the clowns at schools everywhere at every level. MONEY will always triumph over reason, common sense, and harm to others.

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  2. “Covid fear is not going to end until people quit complying.” – 100% – ALL of this could end if people just said NO MORE – that’s why they keep the fear mongering in high gear to keep the fearful fearful, fearful people are easy to control. I swear to God, if one of their Science deities told them to hold up a blue plastic circle on a Popsicle stick (available free at any Walgreens, CVS or your local clinic) in front of their faces when they leave their dens to ward off the Rona monsters they would do that too.

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  3. Time to become a “pheonix”. It’s probably far cheaper and more convenient! Heartland was supposed to be online when it started so maybe that becomes it’s downfall. And then saves all of us a ton of tax money!

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    1. Heartland is a taxing authority. Any money they lose will be offset by increasing our property taxes. I expect the President of Heartland makes enough money that his property tax bill is insignificant. He does not feel the overall tax burden us regular people feel. We have elected liberal taxers to the Heartland Board too. Another consequence of elections.


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