Connect Transit is back to free rides

By: Diane Benjamin

The Connect Transit Board did not vote for this, they haven’t met. If riders don’t pay – you do.


3 thoughts on “Connect Transit is back to free rides

  1. Free ride for the staff of Connect or the passengers? This makes about as much sense as the students of BHS and BJHS just going for a HALF DAY. Do the teachers get half pay for those afternoons?

  2. I think the late night rides were to help insure less drunk driving when the bars close. Lol, so much for safety. Ryan Whitehouse is the perfect TOOL for the demonrats and woke crowd. Still though, way behind the fact that even the WHO and CDC are backing off some of the stringent protocols. Yep, the information analysts (conspiracy theorists) were right all along concerning the tyranny of massive lies by the left. Glad it is finally catching up with them.

  3. Maybe they can start offering cash or free donuts like they do with the bio-weapon Jab to ride on the bus? It is all just hilarious to me. Just an FYI for people who don’t know: Besides the regular ride-sharing (Uber etc.), there are also folks that do their own ride-sharing with customers that they acquire on their own (or through working for Uber). Yes, we have entrepreneurs out there making cash money to haul folks around. So Suzie will take you somewhere and back for 1/2 the Uber price and you just have to text her. So if you can text and you got some cash, you can get where you want pretty cheaply (and fast) or you can get on a lumbering whale of a bus that will take you 45 minutes to get close to where you want to go? The free market is a wonderful thing to behold.

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