District 87 and Southern Poverty Law Center

By: Diane Benjamin

I’m only using NPR as a source because leftists would think any other source is bias: https://www.npr.org/2019/04/17/713887174/after-allegations-of-toxic-culture-southern-poverty-law-center-tries-to-move-for

The article is from 2019, the organization had to dispose of the founder and top people over charges of a toxic workplace, discrimination, and sexual harassment. If you Google Southern Poverty Law Center many articles can be found showing this organization is a money making machine, not a civil rights organization.

None of this stopped SPLC from getting into the schools. They reportedly send “Teaching Tolerance” magazine to 450,000 educators. SPLC wrote Social Justice Standards they call a roadmap for anti-bias education. I received this document in a FOIA from District 87:

Keep in mind, the shakeup at this organization was in 2019, this document is dated 2020.

PDF page 4:

Note this line in the second paragraph: “on changing the attitudes and behaviors of a dominant group“.

The Southern Poverty Law Center claims to be nonpartisan, they aren’t. They are just another arm of the democrat party trying to mold future activists. The document has plans and goals for K-12 education. The word “collective” is used numerous times. Kids aren’t a collective, they are individuals.

If the goal of education is “improving conditions for under-represented groups”, schools need to educate – not indoctrinate for collective action. Education provides opportunities, social justice isn’t educating – it divides.

I wonder who is told to change their behavior because they are a member of a dominant group? Anybody?








10 thoughts on “District 87 and Southern Poverty Law Center

  1. As soon as the SPLC put down father’s rights groups trying to fix the family court system as some sort of domestic terrorist hate group, I knew they were so full of crap there was no reason to ever take them seriously.

    The SPLC is a hate group. Change my mind.

  2. In my opinion the real source of the racist based teaching is the ISBE. This is the head of the beast. They have made it mandatory that each school district and each school in Illinois comply with the pedagogy they’ve cooked up. Their “cultural” teaching standards are part of teacher’s job descriptions and teachers are to be evaluated on implementing skin color and sexual orientation based approaches in their class rooms. They also require that each school turn in a yearly evaluation (see below) with listings on how they have complied with the agenda.

    So these “educational” sources like the SPLC, or Equity Planning and Evaluation companies are popping up to “help” schools comply with the ISBE mandates. Its a lucrative business as Federal Covid recovery funds like ESSER encourage the the use of tax payer money to pay for the new racist approach to improving poor student test scores.

    Sadly schools are required to use the students poor grade performance, not as a gauge to improve teaching and learning skills but to justify radicalizing students. After decades of failure, the ISBE has landed on a new unproven reason for their own poor performance. RACISM

    Anger against local schools, school boards, administrators and teachers will do little to change the situation. Who are you going to listen to? The ones who pay your income or the tax payers who have to pay it no matter what you do? No wonder parents anger is met with blank stares by school boards and administration.

    I think we are well on our way to total educational destruction in America (at least in blue states like Illinois). It is a cancer embedded too deeply at this point.


  3. The Southern Poverty Law Center went up against the KKK and other White supremacist groups winning court cases against these racist organizations. This includes: Brown v. Invisible Empire, Person v. Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (1982), America White Aryan Resistance ‘United Klans of America ; Church of the Creator. I could go on.

    Your claim that SPLC is an arm of the Democratic Party is laughable. If that’s true, then many white supremacist groups are Republican. Also, many Tea Party groups are 501(c)(3) nonprofits, so according to you, they are money making organizations. You’re also in the money making business. You want people to contribute to you so this blog of misinformation can continue. So I wouldn’t cast stones at a legal organization that has gone against racism, and prejudice.

    “The word “collective” is used numerous times”. Oh, the horror!

    Well each time you bring this up, your dislike any teaching standards, your exposing yourself as a racist. Critical Race Theory is not being taught in any schools outside of Law Schools. Teaching tolerance and equality is only a problem for those who have no tolerance and those who openly express their racism.

    1. I wish you would have put the – “critical race theory isn’t taught in our schools” line first, then I could have skipped reading the rest of it and saved my time.

  4. Yes Diane, I know that the principles of CRT are the new teaching standard. But when I see someone say “CRT is only taught in law school…. bla, bla bla” I know this person doesn’t know what CRT is, doesn’t want to know what CRT is and is only relaying what the mediacrats have told him/her to protect their quest to make everything in our nation about skin color. MLK would flip if he saw what they are doing. Actually what they are getting away with.

  5. “on changing the attitudes and behaviors of a dominant group“
    It seems to me that in a K-12 school setting, the teacher/administration has the power to dominate. Maybe their attitude toward education needs to change.

  6. Many moons ago while attending K-12, Sunday school taught us that we’re all God’s children. That is how I perceive every person that I meet irrespective the color or culture they come from. It’s up to them how they behave, then up to me and them how we get along then carry on from there. Maybe we’ll become friends or acquaintanaces, maybe we’ll never see each other again. I thank my Christian upbringing in helping to keep my head on straight in evaluating other people.

    1. Old Stanky – Agree, but sadly its 180 degrees from what our children are being exposed to today in our public schools. What our teachers are being forced to perpetuate.

      They are the gods of their world holding people guilty of the unforgivable sin of having white skin. If you ever see one of these people in church ask them who Jesus is. I think it will make them very uncomfortable.

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