Message to Trustee McCarthy:

By: Diane Benjamin

Hey Kevin, did you do your homework?

Sit back and watch an elected official lie on video folks. The National Fitness Campaign vote came up several times during last night’s meeting. Kevin McCarthy used his comment time to blame everybody who was defrauded by the vote, not the two people who provided false information.

McCarthy wants people to watch the actual video.

Gee Kev, I posted the actual video in this story:

I didn’t “clip” the video on purpose so anyone who wants to watch the entire discussion can.

51:30: Pam Reece stated “it does appear to be a not for profit”.

52:50: Chris Koos read a statement which says NFC is a not for profit.

That’s the actual video Kevin! If that isn’t good enough, how about looking at the minutes that you voted to approve last night?

PDF page 11:

The National Fitness Campaign only passed because false information was given at the meeting. NFC is not a nonprofit company as evidenced in the BlnNews linked story above.

Is fraud standard procedure for Normal Kevin? You blamed Council members for not doing their homework, not Pam Reece and Chris Koos for providing false information.

NFC only passed because false information was presented – that is fraud Kevin. It was also fraud for you to change your website by taking Rosa Parks Commons off as a training site. See this link:

If you are happy getting your fitness mat with fraudulent information, you cast aspirations on yourself Kev:

Scott Preston and Stan Nord tried various times during the meeting to get clarification on how to recall the vote, Koos was amused at best. He cut both off from discussions and wouldn’t allow the Town lawyer to answer at other times.

I predict Scott will be told he can not bring it back to Council unless 4 Trustees agree. Cummings never will. McCarthy never will. Koos obviously won’t. Lorenz, Preston, and Nord likely would. That leaves Karyn Smith. The item would have failed January 4th if Preston knew the truth since Karyn wasn’t there. (tie vote)

Does Karyn care about fraud? Has she watched the video? If the statement Koos read was from NFC, does Karyn really want the Town doing business with fraudsters? FOIA pending.

McCarthy, Koos, and Cummings are democrats. So is Karyn. Normal will get to see who has credibility and who has zero.









8 thoughts on “Message to Trustee McCarthy:

  1. I have never understood why so many people in the town of Normal are so enamored with Kevin McCarthy and after watching this video clip I question it even more.

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  2. Kevin owns a fitness company that will be paid to show people how to use the NFC branded fitness park. He is also telling citizens that defrauding government to build this park doesn’t matter. This screams something is corrupt.

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  3. McCarthy is a sanctimonious twit. The Town’s ordinance governing Council proceedings should provide information on how to bring a vote back for reconsideration. No need to ask the attorney.


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