By: Diane Benjamin

Ending the mask mandate is not about banning masks. It is about choosing to wear a mask or choosing not to.


If you think your double vax and boost protects you, why do you care if others haven’t gotten jabbed?

If you think your mask protects you from other people, why do you care if other people aren’t wearing one?

Illinois kids are being abused by school districts that have put them 2 years behind kids in states that never went remote and eliminated mask mandates long ago.

Choice equals freedom, those impeding it need removed from whatever office they hold.

12 thoughts on “Choice

  1. I agree with you 100% on this mask mandate B.S.! I’ve said all along that it’s a scam being pushed on us by a so-called “doctor” or “scientist” by the name of Fauci. Wondering if he really is a doctor as he claims?  Ron 


    1. @47RONNIED – I agree with you…Fauci is a character, but don’t forget about the self-proclaimed “medical expert” Bill Gates. This appears to be about government control and certain folks making A LOT of money!!!

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  2. With every surrounding school district bordering Tri Valley going mask optional, it’s going to be an interesting show to watch how Tri Valley responds to this with the next superintendent of District 87 currently leading them. Either Tri Valley isn’t woke enough for Mouser and therefore he’s moving on to greener pastures or he’s going to impose his wokeness on Tri-Valley before he leaves.


  3. The masks in schools is not, and has never been, about health. It’s about money and political favors. Keep an eye on Dr. Barry Reilly who, presciently enough, is “retiring” this June. Likely to some other taxpayer-extortion-funded political post that Pritzker (or a Pritzker lackey) has promised him in exchange for his obedience. You can be that just one obscenely bloated pension isn’t enough for him.


  4. Bloom Community School in Normal is continuing to enforce mask mandates on the children even while they play OUTSIDE. It’s a democratic run school with zero care for the children. I continue to pray people like this will be stopped.

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    1. “Bloom Community School’s mission is to cultivate joyful, independent learners in an educational environment that nurtures individual development by integrating high academic standards and community engagement. We encourage students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their ability to contribute to collaborative problem solving that positively impacts their community and the world.”


  5. Correct. Master prepared nurse. Pharma and government experience….yep shocking if you read this and figure it out. It’s been all lies since day one. Watched it unfolded starting the week of 1/2020. Sat in it 12/20 in a government facility…literally. Caught it 2/20. Observed it all. The saddest part of watching it unfold is realizing how dumb most people are, especially in this community. If you need help understanding science- I’ll gladly teach you. Take them off. Stop the abuse. Enough already. Devore is devoted to the truth. Lastly- trust God. Watch and wait!!

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