GOP Accountability – Your questions are needed!

DATE: February 7, 2022
CONTACT:       Connie Beard, Chairman                        McLean County Republicans                        Email: [email protected]                        Cell: (309) 824-9394 


McLean County Republicans have created a Candidate Assessment and Accountability Review Committee (CAAR). The Committee is seeking public input into a questionnaire that will be provided to prospective and incumbent candidates for local office. The first round of questionnaires will be aimed at County Board, County Wide, State Representative and State Senator candidates.

The survey will include questions dealing with general principles applicable to the office and specific values. Results from the questionnaire will be used to determine the degree of support that will be provided as well as to evaluate an office holder’s performance while serving in office.

The Committee is asking the voters to submit questions they want answered in regard to specific offices.  Submission of questions should be made by Monday, February 28, 2022. The link for submitting questions is

McLean County Republicans believe the Committee will help to clarify voting decisions by elected officials and strengthen the communication between voters and elected officials.  They view it as a step forward in lifting the voice of the voters in McLean County.

Connie Beard


McLean County Republicans

211 S. Prospect Suite 9, Bloomington, IL 61704

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10 thoughts on “GOP Accountability – Your questions are needed!

  1. My questions..:
    1.) Would you ever vote to raise taxes without an offsetting spending cut?
    2.) What local politician do you most align?
    3.) Is the politician a RINO or Democrat?

  2. #1 Question: What proof can you provide that demonstrates that I can trust you to stand true to represent me and my neighbors as provided by the Constituion and Oath of Office that you would recite upon taking office? #2 (see #1)

  3. Scott Preston is a problem. He votes RINO expect during campaign time. How do we know people like him will answer the questions honestly or that he won’t do what he’s known for and change his mind after he is elected?

    92.9 recently shared a video of Koos calling Preston a great part of his Democrat team along with Cummings and McCarthy. Preston is recognized by the Democrats as a valued teammate yet he claims to be a Republican. I have a problem with this.

  4. Sounds like Scott Preston has already been vetted and found to be a democrat.

    You see the political machine in Illinois at work putting all kinds of rhinos out on the Republican ticket. They want candidates who will first help them keep their jobs and income. Beware! Remember, nobody vetted JB Pritzker and he is an elitist tyrant!

  5. Who is on the committee ? As soon as I see the names I’ll know if it’s for real or not.

    Will support or mock accordingly^^

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