Local GOP nixes accountability

By: Diane Benjamin

Local GOP leadership:

Remember when this group voted FOR a Candidate Assessment and Accountability Review Committee? https://blnnews.com/2022/02/08/gop-accountability-your-questions-are-needed/

That new committee was flooded with volunteers because grassroot Republicans are tired of democrats running as Republicans. See the ILGOP, at a Lincoln dinner in Sangamon County the only representative allowed to speak was Richard Irvin’s guy – Irvin voted in Democrat Party primaries for years. All of the others running for governor were present or had representatives present but were not allowed to speak. https://www.illinoisreview.com/illinoisreview/2022/04/weyermuller-did-sangamon-county-gop-snub-5-republican-governor-candidates-at-lincoln-day-dinner-2022.html

Even though the CAAR committee was approved and the only item on the GOP agenda concerning this committee was approving members, George Wendt decided to make a motion to abolish it. Leadership had around 40 people to pick 7 from, all the newly volunteered Republicans got thrown under the bus.

This is the actual wording of what was passed:

“To separate the CAAR committee from the McLean County Republican Central Committee by rescinding the vote of Jan 10, 2022. This does not disband the committee or their mission. They may still function as an independent entity from the McLean County Republican Central Committee and Party.”

Some of the leadership abstained from voting (chicken), Connie Beard and Jim Fisher voted against abolishing it, Scott Preston of course didn’t agree and voted with Wendt.

I guess the majority of leadership doesn’t agree with what’s on their own Facebook page:

The ILGOP leadership did nothing to stop the destruction in Illinois, of course they want Irvin and Preston in Springfield! ILGOP votes are immaterial – they don’t even have to show up! They like it that way.

The CAAR committee can still exist, just not as a part of the GOP. That all can change in July when the Precinct Committeemen get to vote for leadership. To avoid an embarrassing defeat in July, those who voted with George Wendt need to resign before the convention. Illinois needs Republican fighters to take on the blatant abuse of Illinois taxpayers by Democrats who let Madigan and then Pritzker do whatever they wanted. Illinois needs Ron Desantis types, not the weak-kneed ILGOP we have now.

Candidates like Scott Preston will make sure the Republicans stay in the super-minority, just the way Democrats want it.

One more note: When Jim Fisher decided to run against Scott Preston he called Jamey Odom who holds some position with the House Republicans in Springfield. She told him they already picked Scott Preston and hung up on him.

No, the Illinois GOP doesn’t believe citizens should have a voice in who represents them. Not voting in the primary this June isn’t an option. Send Jamey a message – vote Jim Fisher.

I hope CAAR meets and exposes people who are pretending to be Republicans. Illinois and McLean County need you.

30 thoughts on “Local GOP nixes accountability

  1. I’m disappointed to learn they axed accountability from the party…I was excited to come back to the Republican party because they were making progress to clear out the Democrats in disguise, aka RINOS. If the Republican board doesn’t what people joining the party who expect politicians to be held accountable, then they don’t want me as a member..

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    1. There’s always the Libertarians. Assuming you agree with all standard GOP platform items, they are, in practice, more Republican than most elected ‘Republicans’. As always, be sure to check out individual candidates as they vary in how closely they follow libertarian philosophy / platform / etc.
      But also check before you switch – If your precinct has a good/new precinct committeeman on the primary ballot, your additional vote gives them more sway in the MCGOP to hopefully engage the accountability the politicians want to distance themselves from.
      – Karl Sila
      candidate for Normal 14th precinct GOP committeeperson
      Vote June 28!

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  2. Of course Scott Preston voted to abolish accountability from the GOP. Otherwise, his liberal voting record would force him to call himself a Democrat.

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  3. Which is why I’ve never attended the gathering at Wendt’s place. I don’t want to be around sell-outs. People who are more interested in power and prestige, are not my people. I wonder who got to George and told him to do this?🤔

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    1. This comment proves you don’t know George Wendt. He has been a strong conservative and leader in this party through many elections. I trust his judgement


  4. I don’t believe the entire GOP is against holding politicians accountable. Who are the people who voted to nix it so we don’t unfairly pass blanket judgement?


    1. The same U of I pretty boy Chapin Rose that slept in the same political bed with Dan Brady for years that never returned emails? You people still stuck there are delusional. Chicago runs your sorry butts and always will. Move out of state if you really want changes to your lives.


      1. Democrats want to –
        1. Defund the police
        2. Brainwash our kids
        3. Chop our young boys’ penis off
        4. Put a progressive income tax in
        5. Unlimited taxpayer funded abortions

        More concerned about these things happening that some sort of committee.


  5. I heard Scott Preston was getting hammered over his campaign mailers lying about his property tax voting record. It wouldn’t look good for the Republican Vice Chair to be censured by his own party for lying, so they scrapped the censuring body all together.

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    1. I believe CAAR was meant to focus on local elected officials only – city, county, school board. Don’t think it was going to go after state or federal folks.


  6. Preton voted for every big spending item in Normal. I could never vote for him.
    Dan Brady needs to retire, Illinois is a mess, it happened during his term.
    Voters needs true Conservatives to vote for.

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  7. This is over the Primary race of Fisher vs. Preston. Both are on the GOP Executive board. CAAR’s purpose hurts Preston. Fisher voted FOR accountability. Preston voted to abolish it.
    Who do you think will fight for accountability in Springfield?

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  8. I can just imagine the behind doors conversations leading up to this. “Now Connie, you act like you WANT the accountability committee and we’ll just turn around and abolish it later. ” “Just pat those conservatives on the head and tell them accountability is good. We’ll pretend for awhile that it is.”


  9. Wendt opposed this from the beginning. Norma Brown doesn’t like Republicans that do not agree with her. Waste of breath and time to give them both the boot. All these people voting for Preston…are you serious? Same old crap and then people wonder why.

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