What is Springfield working on?

By: Diane Benjamin

These bills were mentioned in a newsletter Rep Dan Caukins sent this week.

The red are my comments.

HB4205 – Loan Repayment Assistance – THIS IS REALLY STUDENT LOAN BAILOUT

(Are they hoping borrowers vote democrat in November to get bailed out? You didn’t borrow the money for a college degree, but democrats want you to pay the bills for those who did.)

HB5597 – Automatic Enrollment into Medicaid for single childless adults

(Good luck finding medical care. This creates permanent dependent democrats who receive substandard healthcare)

HB5054 – Guaranteed Income Pilot Program

(Discriminates against every women not living in East St Louis and Cahokia Heights while creating permanent dependent democrats in the program)

2-year Guaranteed Income for Women Pilot Program to provide guaranteed monthly income for women who reside in the cities of East St. Louis and Cahokia Heights. Provides that under the pilot program, 650 eligible women with income at or below the poverty line shall receive an $850 cash payment each month for the duration of the pilot program.

HB 1727 – Abolishes Qualified Immunity for police officers. This bill is anti-police legislation that would lead to more retirements and more difficulty in hiring.  Police do not have immunity from prosecution of illegal actions.  They have qualified immunity.  Qualified immunity is described in law dictionaries the following way.  “Qualified immunity balances two important interests—the need to hold public officials accountable when they exercise power irresponsibly.

This bill is farther along than the first 3. Illinois won’t have police officers if this passes. Would you keep your job is you could be personally sued over and over and over without merit?

Every dollar government hands to people who didn’t earn it means it was stolen from the person who did. Democrats aren’t generous with their money, they are generous with yours.

You can follow all bills here: https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/default.asp

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