Public Schools aren’t teaching what your kid needs to thrive, they teach this:

By: Diane Benjamin

63% of District 87 students need remedial education at Community College after spending $12,000 per student per year:

35% of Unit 5 students also need it after spending $12,000 per student:

Note: Those are the percentages for students who choose to go to college, not every student.

Covid is the excuse used for not having other data available.

Illinois has mandated Comprehensive Sex Education and Social and Emotional Learning instead of the education parents expect. Illinois schools are grooming kids with far left values and making your values immaterial.

There is a website titled Advocates for Youth. It’s extensive, see the events tab. I wouldn’t be surprised if local schools at least use their some of this material for reference:

This is on the Main page:

If kids with undeveloped brains wanting to lead isn’t bad enough (obviously they didn’t create the website), here is a sample 50 minute Lesson Plan:

Sexual Orientation, Behavior and Identity:
How I Feel, What I Do and Who I Am
A Lesson Plan from Rights, Respect, Responsibility: A K-12 Curriculum
Fostering responsibility by respecting young people’s rights to honest sexuality education.

Don’t miss the quizzes on pages 7-10. This is only ONE LESSON Plan. Imagine what a whole semester covers.

If you can’t take your kids out of public schools you have the right to know what they are taught. If you don’t the schools become the parent and you are immaterial. They will groom your kids with no values and no morals. They want kids living by feelings, even if those change weekly. Your kids only get one shot at growing up. They deserve far better than Public Schools. Schools want to destroy childhood innocence, you must stop them.







12 thoughts on “Public Schools aren’t teaching what your kid needs to thrive, they teach this:

  1. Schools are indoctrinating and brainwashing children. They can deny it all they want. The proof is so obvious. Oddly enough, they seem to be least concerned about making sure children can actually read AND comprehend what they are read. Is a “Reading Comprehension” test still given to students? They also don’t care if children actually learn math before they graduate. Common Core math is garbage. It really only makes them hate math. Spelling is another subject that has gone by the wayside. Spelling & grammar is atrocious. Do they still learn to diagram sentences? How many Book Reports & Term Papers do children do in school? How many books are they reading? Do they learn about geography? Between all the disruptions from kids who misbehave, and all the time teachers have to spend on these disruptions, it’s a wonder kids are learning anything at all. The teachers can’t send these kids to the principals office to be disciplined. The teacher and the students are forced to live with these disruptions day in and day out. No wonder kids graduate with very little knowledge and education. Honestly Homeschooling is the only option at this point. We need to have parents who currently Homeschool offer information to other parents who want to Homeschool.

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  2. “grooming kids with far left values and making your values immaterial.”

    Well there’s a far right talking point. Everything you don’t approve of is somehow “grooming”. There is something horribly wrong with people who look for “pedos” under every bed. The American Taliban is busy banning books. They’re promoting stopping of teaching of Critical Race Theory. The fact that CRT isn’t being taught at either the grade or high school level. Facts don’t seem to matter to the American Taliban.

    Sure, don’t teach kids sex education. The result is more teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and misinformation passed on from kid to kid. Abstinence sex education was a miserable failure. Parents also usually fail their children with sex education. I guess kids learning sex on the street corner is a swell idea.


      1. I am an adult. Probably more of an adult than you are, and I’m not “playing”. How many children do you have in either grade school or high school? Zero is the number. What you are posting are lies pure and simple. In fact, the person most responsible for creating the critical race theory panic, Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute, recently told an audience that conservatives should work to create “universal public-school distrust.” It’s very apparent that you want to destroy public schools because of your very extreme political and religious views which are NOT shared with most Americans. This includes the hysteria over “grooming”, which is pure and absolute nonsense. Sex education means less teen pregnancy, less sexually transmitted disease and less abortion. It would in fact stop “grooming” since kids would be aware of those who want to exploit them. But you don’t want that, that would mean the religious right won’t have their horror stories to scare people.

        That effort has borne significant fruit in the form of state legislation aimed at silencing and intimidating teachers and school officials. But it doesn’t seem to have convinced most Americans that there’s much left-wing indoctrination on race and sex going on in their schools. So you are creating manufactured panic over public schools in order to destroy an institution that has been in this country since the beginning. Most intelligent people are not buying what your selling.


    1. The truth is, the Comprehensive Sex Education Curriculum, called Social Emotional Learning, once implemented will undeniably groom children for pedophiles. This is not about teen pregnancy, STD’s, or abstinence. Far from it. Children will be taught that they can choose their gender, for example. Also, instead of calling it Critical Race Theory, they call it Diversity Equity Inclusion, Culturally Responsive Teaching, and the schools now have an Equity Action Plan. That way, knuckleheads like you can say schools aren’t teaching Critical Race Theory. They simply change the names.


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