High gas prices: Government GOLD

By: Diane Benjamin

Start with gas taxes:

Federal Gas Tax: https://www.marca.com/en/lifestyle/us-news/2022/03/14/622f1813268e3e976c8b4593.html

18.3 cents per gallon 24.3 cents per gallon for diesel

Illinois Gas Tax: https://www2.illinois.gov/rev/research/taxrates/Pages/motorfuel.aspx

38.2 cents per gallon 46.7 cents per gallon for diesel

Both Bloomington and Normal add another 8 cents per gallon, diesel and gas are the same.

Every time you fill up your car 18.3 + 38.2 + 8.0 = 64.5 cents goes to government.

But, that isn’t all the State of Illinois and local governments get:

You get charged 8.75% Sales Tax!

The gas tax doesn’t increase with the price of gas, Sales Tax does. Bloomington and Normal are racking in money that will not be spent on roads. The State of Illinois gets 6.25%, Bloomington and Normal get 2.5%. I’ve heard the State returns 1% of what they collect to local government.

The State of Illinois, Bloomington, and Normal love high gas prices, they collect more money as the price goes higher. It’s more than enough to offset their higher costs.

When the economy sinks because of high transportation costs which causes inflation they might care. Meanwhile, high prices are pure gold.

Illinois Policy did this story back in 2012: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/hosed-at-the-pump-illinois-gas-taxes/






11 thoughts on “High gas prices: Government GOLD

  1. Of all the money that goes into Normal’s coffers from the sale of gas, only a fraction gets spent on repairing the roads and sidewalks.

    On 9/2/20, I put forward a motion for the Town’s 8-cent gas tax to be dedicated to repairing and maintaining roads and sidewalks. Here is the vote for that amendment.

    AYES: Nord.
    NAYS: McCarthy, Cummings, Smith, Lorenz, Preston, Koos.
    Motion declared failed.

    pdf page 8. https://www.normalil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3744

    This vote occurred prior to the last election, everyone was re-elected, and residents wonder why our roads suck. Consequences of elections people.

    Stan Nord

  2. SO, how much longer are BLN voters and for that matter voters throughout the State, going to continue voting TO BE financially “raped”?? Apparently there’s enough of them “enjoying” the ecstasy and stimulation, they keep voting for more. Oh well.

    1. The number one concern of most BN residents is bullshitting their way through the workday, posting on Facebook , Instagram and Tik Tok, consuming alcohol and getting high when possible and sleeping in on the weekends. Most of little to no ambition and are happy with their non accountable jobs at SF, Country Financial or the universities. Being aware of or concerned with current events and how it affects them would take attentiveness, involvement in affecting change and require something other than exploring opportunities at self amusement. The politicians like it that way and so do a majority of citizens. Perfect for a society of those lacking ambition.

  3. Republicans Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston voted against dedicating gas taxes to fix roads? WTF

    The local Republican Party looks more and more like Democrats as I see this crap. I see why Stan Nord says he’s pissed at the GOP for not holding their politicians accountable.

  4. Actually I meant to write did these “bleeping RINO’S” give any “honest” reasons WHY??

  5. Anyone else ever notice how poorly timed the signal lights are on Veteran’s Parkway? In fact all signal lights in B/N. Stop and go traffic one of the ways to burn more fuel.

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