Normal tonight:

By: Diane Benjamin

Beech street won’t get fixed this year. PDF page 37: Staff estimated the cost to be $$389,960.00. Only one company bid – $550,360.18. Council is asked to reject the bid, Town will rebid it next year.

PDF 102 – Town is buying 18 Flock Safety License Plate Reader cameras, $83,550. Every year these cameras will cost $2500 each.

PDF page 133 – Normal is shifting money around to prepare for issuing the financial statements for the year that ended 3/31/2022. Surprise! They have a $7.5 million surplus in the General Fund:

PDF page 137 and following: See all the Revenue the Town received last year. Recycling is much higher than budget, many “entertainment” items came in below budget. I don’t see a line for the Revenue Normal earns doing the MICA accounting! Probably buried in MISC. Expenses are listed starting on PDF page 143.

PDF page 156: Chris Koos is making two appointments to Boards. The Council thinks they have to rubberstamp whoever he chooses, of course the public won’t know until after that rubberstamp takes place.

Keep the above in mind when the Planning Commission makes sign regulation recommendations. Chris Koos appointed every member with no input from anyone else. Koos doesn’t care if they have credibility with the public.

Bills of note:

2nd floor of 1 Uptown Circle (increases every year):


Think your water bills go to providing water? Remember this when your bill is increased because the fund is running out of money:





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