Who is behind the County going woke?

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow up to this story: https://blnnews.com/2022/07/02/mclean-county-goes-woke-without-a-vote/

I FOIA’d the County trying to find out. Start here, two employees include their pronouns on emails:

Cassy Taylor, County Administrator, sent the email to all employees requiring them to take the DEI training. She didn’t use pronouns or her last name.

Amy Baker was hired in 2018 according to data in OpentheBooks.com. She either got a promotion or a huge salary increase in 2021: (ISU)

Kyle was hired in 2020: (University of Wisconsin Madison)

One other name showed up on emails: Rachel Neisler (U of I)

Her job title is Human Resources Generalist 

Rachel was a 2021 hire, this probably doesn’t represent an entire year salary:

What does all this tell me? The University of Illinois has hired 71 DEI staff. Faculty members who want considered for tenure or promotion have to issue a personal statement detailing “specific individual and/or collaborative activities aimed at supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as access.” Candidates should “include a discussion of the context, importance, and impact of their contributions along with their future plans for contributions. 

Source: https://wirepoints.org/study-shows-universities-with-massive-administrative-dei-bloat-u-of-illinois-and-northwestern-among-the-worst-wirepoints/

I’m sure Rachel was thoroughly trained in DEI at the University of Illinois, especially since she majored in History.

ISU and Madison Wisconsin are both steeped in woke. Did Cassy Taylor hire these folks? Is the County Board going to allow Marxism training?

Are all employees tip-toeing around each other so as not to commit a micro-aggression? Or, are they rightful laughing instead. Most people judge others on their character and nothing else, as it should be. DEI doesn’t allow that.

You can see what I received here:

9 thoughts on “Who is behind the County going woke?

  1. So you’re against compassion and inclusion. You’re for bullying transgender people and gay people along with other people you don’t agree with politically. It means you welcome racism and bigotry.

    The opposite of “woke” is closed-minded selfishness and an inability to learn. It’s anti-intellectual and cruel in ones ability to dismiss the lives and lived experience of others and a refusal to learn from those lives.


      1. Thank you, it IS hilarious, and predictable, and absolutely brimming with the usual cliches and unfounded declarations which show that this person has almost zero understanding of how life REALLY is outside of their misinformed little ‘safe space”.
        It reminds me of people who used to (and some still do) say “They fired me because I’m gay” NO they fired you because you are often late and take more days off than anyone else and when you ARE there you are quarrelsome and difficult and your work is substandard., or, “they didn’t hire me just because I told them my preferred pronouns” no, they didn’t hire you because you came off like a self absorbed little princess and you were rude in your interview.
        Here’s the deal Parakeet, I know some VERY conservative redneck types and they wouldn’t care WHAT the sexual orientation or race or anything of their employees or co-workers are or even how they dress as long as it’s appropriate for the job and as long as they are good employees and decent to be around, and YES there are limits on what is decent and acceptable behavior. THAT is reality.
        People should be hired and retained for their character, their personalities, their ability to perform the job, their experience, AND their general willingness to get along with and work with others. If ONE employee makes life hell for everyone else, then that ONE needs to go, it’s just not a good fit. By the way Parakeet, I’M gay, have been my entire adult life but that ONE aspect of me does not define me, nor do I base my entire existence around my sexual orientation and wow, I have NEVER felt “bullied” or discriminated against, ever. I also know you will or will want to try to pick this apart line by line because that’s what your ‘woke” mentors have taught you to do, but I cut my teeth on a lot of your mentor’s type and I won’t be in the least affected.

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    1. Parakeet – Being a highly intelligent, authoritarian elitist you surely know what the woke agenda is based on. Do you believe in equality or equity? Don’t say both because they are mutually exclusive.


  2. Sad, and telling, that there is even such a degrading term as “human resources.” In better days it was “personnel” (note the word “person”). And I’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of various stripes of people over my career at many places. A “diverse” person who cannot do the job, or who spends more time being diverse than doing their job, is bad for everyone. A lazy or duplicitous person is not my equal. Whiners, complainers and liars are justifiably not included. These HR people obviously have pleeeeenty of time on their hands to create divisive, time-wasting nonsense like this.

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    1. I just wrote something VERY similar. I like the way you out even more than the way I did. I also dislike the new term “Human Resources” and far prefer the old style “personnel”.


  3. Maybe the newly elected county board will get a handle on things. Ms. Taylor ‘s background is from a much smaller and less complex community – her sole- discretion hiring of her #2 should have garnered notice – but it must have ‘slipped by’ the attention span of the current fossilized county board. Might need to do some housekeeping form the looks of it.

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