McLean County goes WOKE without a vote

By: Diane Benjamin

The County Board never voted on forcing County employees to attend mandatory training in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Evidently County Administrator Cassy Taylor decided to fracture the work force all on her own. Maybe she should just visit the County Clerks office, I did several months ago to get a copy of a birth certificate. The employees were incredibly friendly and efficient. Gee, they also came in many different colors. Every get out of your locked ivory tower upstairs Cassy and see the workforce in action?

I’m sure the Marxist Black Lives Matter people required her compliance. If Cassy doesn’t know that organization was founded by Marxists she needs to resign today.

This is the email she sent to all employees:

Here’s the “trainings” they are required to attendL

Marxists have to divide people and keep them at war with each they don’t notice what is really happening around them. Cassie walked right into the trap. Does the County Board really want to create an atmosphere where employees are afraid of each other because they might accidently commit a microaggression?

The County Board should call an emergency meeting and stop this BULL. Google the company referenced, mostly what you will find is a cyber security company that just might have gotten into DEI trainings because it’s easy money. It’s also multi-national and infecting countries around the world with un-American ideology.

Cassie Taylor got played by the left or she is far left. The County Board needs to stop this travesty now. How many lawsuits will the County get by people who think a microaggression was committed against them? Adults aren’t devastated by perceived slights, I wonder if the less than adult employees are already lining up their lawyers? Is BLM furnishing them?

Finally note: DEI requires judging people based on the color of their skin. It’s evil and need eliminated!






5 thoughts on “McLean County goes WOKE without a vote

  1. Well, I’ll have to re-consider the use of KnowBe4. I had no idea they are in to political indoctrination.
    We use them for a program to help staff detect emails which are malicious.
    DIE is racist, and a plague on our society!

  2. A perfect example of our government, 1. there is no problem 2. create a problem so government can solve it. 3. repeat often to grow your power

  3. I would love to attend the class where equity is defined. How do they tiptoe around the fact that equity says some people, have been “unfairly advantaged”? Equities intention is to resolve that “unfairness” by giving special advantages or considerations based on things like skin color, gender identity, orientation or a multitude of other classifications. Directly against legally defined equality.

    I would also suggest the McLean County man-up on lawyers. Which microaggressions does the average normal person decide are actual aggression. You can’t just make things up and demand everyone else abide by them.

  4. After being forced to take these decidedly worthless “trainings” over the years, the two subjects you will NOT find addressed in them are (1) religious beliefs, and (2) political (esp. conservative) beliefs. This is HIVE TRAINING. If anything about you is outside the liberal atheist hive, and especially if you are a white male, brace for the passive-aggressive (and some not-so-passive) attacks, with no recourse available to you except your own wiles. Every single instance I have encountered over the years of a “microaggression” came from a smug liberal who couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Cassy Taylor is a very odd choice for this position, education in psychology and criminal justice and background in the courts. Hmmm. Bet this little training is a string attached to some state/federal MONEY.

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