MCRPC Transportation Draft Document

By: Diane Benjamin

If you haven’t looked at the DRAFT Long-Range Transportation Plan yet, see it here:

This plan is updated every 5 years and estimates needs for the next 25 years.

PDF page 25 talks about Connect Transit. Some people continue to say Connect should be a Mass Transit District which means they will tax you directly. (No!)

PDF page 31 – 734 people took their survey they used to compile data. That is 734 people in the entire COUNTY! The good news is 96% said FIX THE ROADS. The results for other issues are totally dependent on how the question was asked and if “leaving it blank” was even an option. See those yourself. See PDF page 33 for some interesting graphs.

PDF page 34 states that 25% of the 734 who answered the survey use Connect Transit. Think that affected the results?

PDF page 35 has a chart of the worst roads as identified by the participants.

PDF page 38 begins with Diversity. It continues through page 45 dividing people in every way possible.

PDF page 46 discusses population trends. They are predicting moderate population LOSS over the next 30 years. PDF page 49 has a graphic of projected population.

The following pages have lots of details that make my eyes blur. The revenue and expense projections are based on a 3% increase per year, so they are obviously immaterial since inflation is way over that.

Jump to PDF page 75:

Refer page to PDF page 7 – all local governments participated in this report.

Missing from this report is conversion to electric vehicles except for Connect Transit.

Lower growth and no electric vehicles?

Maybe because electricity won’t be available to charge them? Florida would now be without electricity for much longer if they had “gone green”.

One more note from PDF page 47 shows the whole report could already be out of date:

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6 thoughts on “MCRPC Transportation Draft Document

  1. Actually about 40 miles north of the Fort Meyers that is 100% green

    Other than lost trees no damage. Lights still on

    Solar worked perfectly and the drainage systems did as well


  2. If indeed the community is Babock Ranch it is located 12 miles inland from coast. It is 40 minutes from from where Ian made landfall. The solar panels in BR are backed natural gas power. All of the electricity lines are buried. The community is for the well- heeled with many homes being framed with large timbers. Homes are priced from 300 thousand up with most costing 500 thousand and up. There is only a lake and no inland waterways to speak of that promote flooding. A person of average means couldn’t afford to live there. Again, basically a retirement community for the very well healed.

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