Sometimes you have to laugh!

By: Diane Benjamin

Guess what this is:

That is a picture from a new ELECTRIC Connect Transit bus. It holds 5 gallons, enough for 1 day.

When the batteries can’t supply enough heat the buses will be keeping passengers warm with fossil fuels!

Now see this story, h/t a reader:

How Temperature Affects Electric Vehicle Range

We tested popular EVs from Ford, Hyundai, Tesla, and Volkswagen in cold, mild, and warm weather 


Each car was tested in the exact same manner, by the same drivers, driven in a caravan on three different days: a frigid one, a mild one, and a warm one. We found that cold weather saps about 25 percent of range when cruising at 70 mph compared with the same conditions in mild weather. In the past, we found that short trips in the cold with frequent stops and the need to reheat the cabin saps 50 percent of the range. 

We found a clear trend among these models showing that under different seasonal temperatures, winter cold results in the shortest range, followed by mild temperatures. It was on a typical summer day of sunny, humid, mid-80-degree weather that we saw the longest range, despite using air conditioning. 

Government wants us all driving these! 😁






8 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to laugh!

  1. Never!! Electric vehicle are the epitome of virtue signaling by leftists. They deliberately ignore the fact that FOSSIL FUELS are used to manufacture and run these vehicles. WHAT do they think powers those “Electric Charging Stations?”

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    1. I drove to Fairmount, IN last Friday taking Rt 9 east and across Indiana Rt 26. I don’t recall how many of those wind turbine fields I saw. Very few of them turning generating electricity and there was some wind. You’d think if the push was wind and solar generation then why aren’t those turning like an mixer 24 X 7? I don’t get it. I do get how high my electric bill and rates are.

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  2. Democrats wipe their hands of the pesky issues of how to make their hair brained ideas work.
    Their only solution to failure is to spend more tax money on the same failed idea.
    Big government does not work.

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  3. The members of the Connect Transit Board fought hard to get this -and they will keep fighting to keep this grift they have fueled with your money. EMPTY BUSSES , yet – look at the names on the Connect Transit Board- pawns of closet (and open ) progressive local elitists . every. single. one.

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  4. Read any lithium battery specs, and they state : will not accept charge below 30 deg F. The charge controller will not charge until above 30 deg F. With the fire hazard, are you willing to park in the garage, next to you bedroom? Our government is trying to force us into an unprepared future. Ha, what could possibly go wrong?

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  5. Burning of the diesel is probably creating environmental soot also would be my guess. I don’t feel as bad now when I throw batteries into the trash.
    Government, the same ones who messed up a simple gas can. What could possibly go wrong?

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  6. Bad government is the art of virtue signaling based on over-generalizations. Public transit, electric vehicles, TIF districts, health-related business shutdowns, and any number of other government policies and programs are, *under*the*right*circumstances*, great ideas. But politicians purposely ignore that they *usually* will cause more problems than they solve.

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