Ask Unit 5 about this:

By: Diane Benjamin

This sign is in a bathroom at NCHS:

This organization wants to radicalize your children to demand an abortion law legalizing it across the nation. They want your kids in the streets demanding a law to legally killing their children.

Activism forced on impressionable children has no place in schools.

Forced motherhood is a joke since adoption is always an alternative. This group demands the death penalty for the unborn. Besides, Illinois wants to kill as many babies as it can, taxpayer funds are used for murder. No activism needed.

I bet a pro-life sign wouldn’t last an hour. We live in a culture of death.





4 thoughts on “Ask Unit 5 about this:

  1. Selfish Boomers chasing career and money for the last 40 years , while ignoring faith, family and community have not the time to run for school board. But by all means keep on virtue signaling and enjoy the chamber gala, everything’s going to be fine. really.

  2. Started in the early 1900’s, “Progressed”, throughout the century, with each war, catastrophic event, new challenge, change in regime, revolution. Disguised themselves as academics, super geniuses, saviors of the world, philanthropists, philosophers, scientists or environmental scientists of today, forward thinkers, usually. Eugenics, is one such Progressive philosophy of the early days, Today they call it genetic engineering or free abortion clinics placed poverty centers of inner cities. It was a government XYZ psyop in the 1960’s Making pregnancy a “bad” thing so women “young girls” went and got abortions to “free themselves”. The message was, “If your pregnant, your not free to get a job or go to college, do what you want. Men get you pregnant for control.” Promoting abortions. Away from the traditional Christian family. Removing the Father and replacing them with the Government.

    After 1946, (even before), communists began infiltrating the US and western countries. Promoting “Utopian/Marx” ideas very subtly. Usually in the university, media, academia, elite, and urban centers. Progressive values, communist ideology disguised as liberal values, safeguards or social welfare programs. Small little incremental changes. A few billion here and there for programs that didn’t provide any value or benefit other then handouts. No training or hand up. Just a ceiling of limits or door with a little window for small government gifts to keep them barely at substandard levels, for those participating. Reducing the incentive to success or improve oneself. Eliminating any value in self. Causing loss of value and neglect.
    Not to mention the reduction in education by federal takeover and further promotion of oneself over others, never teaching morals, ethics, empathy, compassion.

    With these changes abortion is easy to make a commonality on the populace. Like pulling a tooth.

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