Yet again laws are immaterial in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Obviously Normal is aware they have to comply with the Open Meetings Act because they have it right in the announcement of the Electoral Board meeting held on 12/9/22:

The Open Meetings Act requires notice 48 hours in advance. This meeting was not posted by 11:00 two days before the meeting.

The notice:

When it was posted: 12/7/22 at 2:42:47.

The petitioners weren’t even notified 24 hours in advance. They received notices by sheriff deputies the afternoon of the 7th.

Since government never suffers any consequences for not complying with the law some don’t. This is far from the first violation for Normal. I’m sure this won’t be the last one either.

This proves why the positions law requires be elected are needed in Normal. Voters can hold elected people accountable, nobody holds the “professional staff” accountable.





4 thoughts on “Yet again laws are immaterial in Normal

    1. What circus? We have city attorney Brian Day who used to work for the Illinois Municipal league as town attorney. Where he falls short, we’ve got Mike Madigan’s attorney as a back up. Then there’s Bloomington’s former city attorney to represent the objectors, one being a former Council member. Then there’s Kwame down in Springfield looking out for us. All this with the open and transparent Koos / Reece administration, we’re very fortunate we have the government in Normal looking out for us that. Why would we ruin all that by putting city staff positions on the ballot with a January 6th insurrectionist attorney causing such a ruckus in Normal? Now you want to bring Merrick Garland in to the mix?


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