Unit 5: Can’t be because there is an election tomorrow!

39 thoughts on “Unit 5: Can’t be because there is an election tomorrow!

  1. No, they can’t because they were on spring break. Also, leave the students alone. Why are you so obsessed with harassing LGBTQ students and those that support them?

  2. Teachers have asked us what our name we want to be called (preferred name, nickname, etc.) since I was a youth in the 90s growing up in a rural community.

    Why are you so focused on LGBT students?!?

    This is no different than your name being Diane and potentially asking a teacher to call you D, Di, Dede, or whatever else you wanted to be called.

    This isn’t new…

      1. Not really. I knew an awesome awesome woman who was called Frank since the day she was born – in the 40s or 50s. Thanks giving me a smile and thinking of her!

        Secondly, if you wanted to be called Don, go for it! It doesn’t hurt me, harm me, or cause an issue. It’s your business. Not mine.

          1. It’s not a teacher’s job to get approval for a preferred name or nickname of a student. If it’s not vulgar, move along.

            Quit trying to create problems??

              1. I appreciate being able to have banter and disagreement between us without name calling or issues. That’s healthy debate.

          2. Why don’t the parents already know?Why wouldn’t the student feel comfortable talking about this with their parents? Wouldn’t good parenting create an environment where a teen felt supported and loved enough to discuss such matters?

              1. Definitely a parent. (You really should think about toning down the snarky responses if you want people to think you are reasonable.) There is one reason kids hide things – they’re scared of the response. Kids shouldn’t feel scared to be themselves. Parents that create that kind of defensive attitude are the problem, not the schools and not the adults who support the kids that may not get support anywhere else.

          3. Parents need to know what ma’am? It is not your job nor your authority to find out who has made any change requests to their name. Please mind the business that pays you and leave these youth alone. Do you understand the suicide rates for youth in the LGBTQ + community? It’s because of stuff like this…be careful of the stones you throw bc it is bound to deflect and shatter the glass house you live in. You cannot want likes and attention that bad.

            1. The whole “suicide” thing is a narrate that makes a lot of money and money funnel and exploits people.

              And exploitive/offensive to other non LBGTQ people who have mental illness or identity and self esteem issues. Or other chemical and undiagnosed chemical unbalances or victims of abuse.

              Word are weapons of deceit – And clearly the LBGTQ agenda and followers know how to lay both sides.

              Things like this have proven to be generally to create fear or a narrative to funnel money and support to a certain group or organization. Charities rob and deceive people too. Like “for the good”

              Don’t blame others or taxpayers or organizations for suicidal thoughts.


  3. Have you FOIAed the email that Brad Wurth sent to school board members stating his belief that Carlock needs to be closed? WGLT and several folks here have referenced it. Would love to read the actual email as I live in Carlock.

  4. There is a way to discuss or assess whether things are allegedly going “too far” in schools without requesting internal communications that, at their heart, have children at the center. The Normal West Pride group represents… STUDENTS. Why can’t they just be left alone and out of your records requests? Good lord.

  5. I hope Unit 5 denies every bit of this FOIA. You really need to stop targeting children. Stop pretending this is about the teachers, when you’re really trying to find out which students at U5 have a preferred name and which teachers are RESPECTING THE STUDENTS. The teachers are there to teach and create comfortable and accessible learning environments, part of which is calling a student by whatever name they want. Give it a rest and worry about things that actually matter for crying out loud.

      1. Diane, you are specifically asking about children’s preferred names and which teachers are respecting their requests. That IS targeting children. Its none of your damn business what names kids are going by at school. Leave the kids alone. Your consistent harassment is ridiculous.

          1. The screenshot literally says “all communication to teachers and staff pertaining to use of a selected name of a student.” That is targeting kids. Leave them alone. The Pride Club is supposed to be a safe place, don’t try to make it something more. Keep kids safe.

  6. I agree with the people who are defending the kids. It should be okay to let kids find support at school while remaining safe. Exposing children’s preferred names to parents only puts students in danger. It also seems very unnecessary to FOIA this club. There is nothing of interest or importance to you in those communications.

  7. ” It should be okay to let kids find support at school while remaining safe. ” That is true on its face, not unlike ‘black lives matter’. The problem is that the underlying presumption is that as a general rule parents are more of a threat to their children’s well being than teachers are. In the current political climate, it’s very much the opposite.

    That said, I do agree Diane’s FOIA request is questionable based on privacy considerations.

      1. I don’t deny there are ‘bad’ parents. And I put ‘bad’ in quotes not to imply sarcasm, but because there are a lot of different types and measures of ‘bad’ beyond the stereotypical physically violent substance abuser. But by probably any definition you want to use, yes bad parents exist.
        But so do bad teachers, administrators, and politicians, and that fact is essentially ignored in this debate. Especially those whose approach to social/sexual issues is akin to “The best way to help Chris not be embarrassed about having leukemia is to administer chemo to the entire class.”

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