Normal Monday: Likely SHORT meeting

By: Diane Benjamin

Have you been following the debt ceiling debate? Did you hear Fitch is threatening to downgrade the US credit rating because increasing the debt ceiling was controversial?

Fitch is the only credit rating service that has the Town of Normal at AAA. Now you know why. Fitch is delighted with Normal’s new council.

The rent Normal pays for an entire floor at 1 Uptown Circle goes up every year. Almost $1000 this year, does Fitch know Normal pays bills late? PDF page 10

PDF page 77 – list of resurfacing projects.

Harmon Arts Grants are being handed out at 6:40. They are named after Paul Harmon – it’s your $50,000 Koos is distributing.

The recipients were listed at the last meeting – PDF page 49.

2 thoughts on “Normal Monday: Likely SHORT meeting

  1. I love it the residents of Normal are paying via taxes for the building in downtown, oops ,uptown Normal that is owned by a private company and they haven’t a clue that they are doing so. It is quite obvious the majority of residents never bothered to vote in the last election.The residents deserve everything that they get. Marxism at its finest.
    I don’t live in normal but I have a coliseum, a bcftpa and a 11 million dollar water park that I have to pay for.My children found a way out of these towns and this state I just need to find a way out.

    1. Add to that in Bloomington, a newly renovated homeless shelter, oops, I mean library that came complete with a tax increase.

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