Property Taxes Due today

By: Diane Benjamin

McLean County has a new website. I haven’t explored it enough to have an opinion yet. I did notice meetings are listed at the bottom of the Main Menu but documents pertaining to the listed meetings aren’t linked from each announcement. The County has a lot of meetings because the majority of work is done in Committees. For novice website users the docs should be linked there. To view them now users have to click on Government – Committees – and then locate the one they want to view.

Property taxes go up? Of course they did. Tons of detailed tax information is available here:

Since the schools get a huge chunk, see last year compared to this year for Unit 5 and District 87:

Unit 5 – Structures constructed during 2022 don’t reflect a full year of taxes yet. Expect even more money next year.

District 87:

7 thoughts on “Property Taxes Due today

  1. And what do we get for too much of our money being confiscated for Unit 5: children who cannot read, children who cannot write, children who cannot do math, children who are being deliberately sexualized, children who are being racialized, administrators who are obscenely overpaid, administrators who do very little, teachers who are overpaid. Homeschool your children and grandchildren, or private school. Get them out of this cesspool. The objective in public schools is to destroy Childhood Innocence and destabilize children. Actual learning and education is no longer the goal.

  2. So, choosing one entry point, the education budgets are irrational. When I look into them at the school district level, each seems to carry an ever increasing load of long term debt. Then when I look at what you published here, I see another bracket of ever increasing long term debt to add to our public “responsibility”. Maybe I don’t understand the financials? Together it looks like an irresistible disaster happening in plain sight that will ensure that our already ridiculous taxes continue to increase. Time to go…..

  3. Waiting for Corey Beirne to begin subjugating the county to management through the racist “lens of equity”, just as he is helping do at Unit 5.

  4. I always love that we mail our real estate tax checks over to Missouri for processing in a different state! I am sure it makes sense to those in government….because it makes no sense to me, the lowly tax payer.

    I mean with the bloated number of government employees that we have on the payroll, but there is no one available to process the check payments in McLean county?

    And it is cheaper to outsource the work…all the way to Kansas City, Missouri???

      1. Yes – I could pay taxes at a bank, but I prefer to mail my taxes over to Missouri =)

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