Remember this Federal Lawsuit?

By: Diane Benjamin

A copy of the lawsuit is in that story. It alleges:

The case revolves around a former employee – Kristen Alferink. Don Knapp and Jason Chambers were named in the suit because they both supervised the office.

The case was filed in September of 2019. It was unceremoniously settled last December. Approval took place at a Stand-Up meeting before a regular County Board meeting. Was that done to hide it? The County lists numerous “Stand-Up” meetings, I don’t know.

I don’t see any minutes or documentation on the above. I FOIA’d the settlement: (received it the same I day filed 😎)

The County paid $52,000 to William Lane Roberts. The count against Kristen Alferink was mentioned as the reason for the payment: “full satisfaction of all claims and disputes between the parties”. Count 2 against Jason Chambers was dismissed. (Read the lawsuit – he was accused of firing the plaintiff in retaliation)

Don Knapp wasn’t party to the settlement. It appears he was only included because he followed Jason Chambers as State’s Attorney. The lawsuit doesn’t mention anything he did to the plaintiff.

It shouldn’t have taken from September of 2019 to December of 2022 to resolve this lawsuit. $52,000 probably barely covered legal fees. Justice delayed is justice denied.

The County likely settled so it didn’t go to court. Alferink hasn’t worked for the County since 2018 according to Open the Books. Jason Chambers was rewarded with a judge appointment.

Remember this when he’s up for retention. The lawsuit could easily be a soap opera. Chambers was in charge of the office when all the allegations occurred. Citizens deserve better from the head prosecutor. Of course we will never know what is true since the case never went to trial.

5 thoughts on “Remember this Federal Lawsuit?

  1. Yes I will remember when Jason Chambers is up for retention along with a host of other reasons this man is unfit to serve. He exemplifies the McLean County insiders club of rising to the top of leadership. He’s incompetent and corrupt and worst of all, well connected. We’ll never get rid of him.

    1. Unfortunately most of the population in McLean County don’t bother to read about this and will blindly vote this person back in.

  2. Aferlink was the bitter post-wall woman accused of sexually harassing younger male staffers in the State’s Attorneys office. Sad the victim only got 52k.

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