Guess Who Made the Shrinking Cities List?

By: Diane Benjamin

People around the country will see this report and believe it.

3 of the top 19 shrinking big cities are in Illinois: Danville, Champaign-Urbana, and Bloomington.

They don’t really mean Bloomington however, they have to mean McLean County.

Page all the way down to #7

The census bureau only shows an increase population to 171,141 in July of 2022.

Why is there a housing shortage is the 2016 population was MUCH higher than now?

That more than a 16,000 people difference between 2016 and 2022!

13 thoughts on “Guess Who Made the Shrinking Cities List?

  1. Housing shortage because of all the transient Rivian employees needing part time housing when they’re in town working, but aren’t considered citizens of the state/area.

  2. Not to worry!! Next week there will be another report/survey stating the opposite. This week a ‘report’ indicated Iowa was the most favorable state to retire??!! That is almost as bad as CNBC’s recent “report” on IL. More reasons never to believe anything you hear, see and/or read in the MSM and/or SM.

  3. It’s probably all these old people refusing to go into the nursing home. They are just hanging on in their big houses, that a family could use, when they could easily live in one room in a “care facility”. This is typical of the “baby boomers”… it’s all about them… Not a care in the world for our up and coming workers and their families. In case you haven’t noticed…most parents are now supersized and need big homes. Their kids are supersized to and can’t possibly fit into an “apartment”. I would hope that these old people would do the “right thing” and move…but they probably won’t. Meanwhile you have a family of four that tips the scale at over 800 pounds trying to jam themselves into some small apartment. Just terrible.

    1. Because I am holding my home not sell to you for $250K but rather for $500+K . That way I will be able to live like a king in my 1 room off of you by buying my home mean while you drown in debt!

  4. I can’t believe this! Thought everyone was wanting to move into BN, the cutting edge city of the future. Not enough homes available for the exploding population due to Rivian, foreign candy makers and the new green economy of the future. Just can’t be right. The local elitist leadership will address this at a press conference next Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. at the Museum of History.

    1. As usual, Pea moved away long ago but still has acute insight into all things B/N including the local real estate market. Must be another reason that most home prices here are up 30-40% over the past 2 years. It can’t be Rivian affecting supply and demand.

  5. IMO, there is a desire by the EDC to have all employees and their family live within the boundaries of B/N to capture property tax revenue. A housing bubble of apartment dwellings is being created.

  6. Looks like the report is using some incorrect 2016 data. I looked up the census bureau data on Goggle and they show McLean County as having a 2021 population of 170,889 which exactly matches what is in the report and proves your assumption that they are referring to McLean County when they say Bloomington. However according to the census bureau data I am seeing, the county’s population was 173,157 in 2016. So the county actually lost 2268 people during the timeframe, not the 16,437 reported in the article. Bloomington itself lost 60 people from 2016 to 2021.

  7. I’m skeptical about these reports that often are nothing but clickbait. I just saw one tonight that doesn’t even list Chicago as one of the most dangerous cities in America. That tells me all I need to know about their methodology and their so-called data.

  8. There doesn’t seem to be much of a rush to turn the old State Farm building in downtown BL into luxury apartments. I thought for sure SF was going to use a wrecking ball on it.

    I look for an exodus because the property taxes keep rising in the county and BL/NL. At some point people will say we’ve had enough.

    I think the shiney new shine on EV’s is tarnishing. At some point some EV makers are going to go bye bye.

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