Last years School Report Cards are finally out

By: Diane Benjamin

Does Unit 5 know September 30 was 30 days ago?

I FOIA’d the current enrollment last week, eventually we will know.

You can look at the Report Cards for every Illinois Public school here:

After you pick a school – click Academic Progress. Tons of information is on this site. This won’t be the only story.

Below is proof not all public schools are equal – it appears some are intentionally creating stupid adults because they are easier to con: (see Chicago)

ELA is English Language Arts. Your kids have ONE chance at an education. Assigning them to a failing public school by zip code is an assault on their future. School Choice is the only real option.

District 87:

Unit 5:


4 thoughts on “Last years School Report Cards are finally out

  1. There was a time when Unit 5 was much better than this. What happened? Why are they satisfied with allowing children to graduate who cannot read, write, or do math? How many parents are even aware their children are graduating who are functionally illiterate? Unfortunately U5 and D87 are more interested in sexualizing children and racializing children than they are with teaching Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic at each and every grade level. Actual academic excellence isn’t even their primary objective anymore. Homeschool your children or let them go to private school. Get them out of public schools.

  2. The state of Illinois revised the job descriptions of teachers 31 months ago to emphasize Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards. There are 90-some “teachers will” directives that emphasize the incorporation of teaching identity based personal and social changes to students.

    1. Why doesn’t the state report on student’s overall achievement in social activism, the white student’s and teacher’s achievement of the self-guilt of anti-racism, the % of classes that have incorporated equity principles into the curricula, the % of teachers that know their positionality and have a proven critical understanding of equity?
    Also, an overall grading for % of equity achievement in each school so that we can see how much better the promised scholastic achievement is in those schools?

    2. Is it a coincidence that Tri-Valley has the best academics and the least emphasis on DEI? (I skimmed their policies and Equity is barely mentioned. Also, every Tri-Vally policy lists the legal justification for it. Unit 5 however is Equity-centric, and they state that Equity only works outside of the current laws and morality.)

  3. My concern is that if we have students failing the next teachers out of this group will be so unprepared that education will be even worse. Look at our politicians, many who could never even perform a 9 to 5 job. Remember the one who thought Gaum might tip over. God help us.

    1. the whole system is broke but heavily funded – the educating kids system has been in downfall for decades

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