Looks like Unit 5 is now hiding enrollment

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is what the website looked like until yesterday. Click on About Us – then District Information. The Student Enrollment tab was listed which took you to this page:

Student Enrollment has been removed as an option. The link used to be: https://www.unit5.org/Page/356

Click that now to see:

This page is currently unavailable.

I’m sure they aren’t hiding anything. 😏

5 thoughts on “Looks like Unit 5 is now hiding enrollment

  1. So much for accountability and transparency and they swore they weren’t lying about enrollment when they pushed to pass the referendum. They are finally showing their true colors.

  2. Apparently they read your blog. The historic decrease in enrollment was hurting their upcoming begging and pleading for a new school. These people cannot effectively manage the facilities they have with FEWER students. They will lie to us and tell us they need a new school in spite of decreasing enrollment. By removing this information from their website, they are deliberately hiding information from the taxpayers who pay for bloated Unit 5. I’m not surprised though. This Superintendent and administration has proven time and again that they are liars AND they are perfectly comfortable with lying.

  3. Other things Unit 5 hides.

    1. All American institutions including education were intentionally founded on racism and they still are racist today.
    a. Found on Pg. 6
    2. Light skinned people have and are being given resources (privileges) that they do not earn and are unjustly rewarded.
    a. Found in Unit 5’s definitions of White Supremacy, Oppression, Dominant and Racism, Pgs. 119 and 120
    3. Some students cannot achieve because they are being oppressed by the system and other people.
    a. Definitions of Oppression, Racism, Social Constructs, historically marginalized identity, White Privilege – found on Pgs. 119-120
    4. All students and teachers will be identified as members of one or more collectives with different levels of power.
    a. On Pg. 9, and in Definitions of Oppression, Power, Intersectionality on Pg 120
    5. An individual student’s identity comes from a collective social construct (product of the mind) that establishes the student’s value, position on a power continuum and their humanity.
    a. Pg. 9
    b. This is otherwise known as Identity Politics, see Robin DeAngelo – White Fragility pg. 121
    6. The Judeo/Christian idea that our identity is found in the image of God is replaced by the faith based, unforgiving, power ideology, that our identity is made in the image of man.
    a. Found in the definitions of Social Construct, Dominant, Historically marginalized identity, Oppression, Intersectionality, White Privilege, Racism, pgs 119-120
    b. Pg. 9
    7. Individualism is destructive because it is used to marginalize people.
    a. Pg 9
    8. Current civil rights laws and current morality cannot be used to achieve equity.
    a. Pg. 7
    9. Equity can never be achieved; it has no endpoint.
    a. Pg. 117
    10. Equity is about changing how educational resources are distributed based on identity.
    a. Pg. 7
    11. Equity is now the “foundational” aspect of teaching in Unit 5.
    a. Pg. 8
    12. Equity is now the “moral imperative” for Unit 5.
    a. Pg. 8
    13. Equity’s contentious, transformative movement will cause anger and rejection, but it must be pursued relentlessly.
    a. Pg. 8 and Pg. 115
    14. The actions of Equity must be applied to all district policies, processes, procedures, initiatives, decision-making and budgeting. All operations in Unit 5.
    a. Pg. 1
    15. Unit 5 should consider an employment applicant’s implicit (hidden) biases, their identity and their alignment with Equity before hiring.
    a. Pg 102
    16. Listed in document References on pg. 122 – Ibram X. Kendi and his book How to be an Antiracist.
    a. “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination.”
    b. “Racial inequity is evidence of racist policy.”
    17. Listed in document References on pg 121 – Robin DiAngelo’s book – White Fragility.
    a. “The question is not did racism take place, but how did racism manifest in that situation”.
    b. She describes her book as – “Unapologetically rooted in identity politics.”
    18. Listed in document References on pg 122 is Gloria Ladson-Billings. She wrote the book –Toward a Critical Race Theory of Education
    a. “Parents, teachers, and neighbors need to help arm African American children with the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to struggle successfully against oppression. These, more than test scores, more than high grade-point averages, are the crucial features of education for African Americans.”
    b. In other words, Academic achievement is now a secondary concern in education.
    19. Listed in document References on pg. 122 – Marxist, Paulo Freire and his book Critical Pedagogy.
    a. In The Critical Classroom written by Burke, Butcher, Greene – “Freire takes a strong stand against concentrating on student mastery of academic content, which he scorns as “official knowledge.” He contends that mastery of such knowledge changes nothing within the unequal capitalist society.”

  4. Hello,

    Looking at the district report card and I’m hoping you might be able to provide clarity. Did the district really have a math proficiency of 28.4%? ELA at 36.7%? I must be reading this incorrectly…

    I can’t seem to find the district level data on how many teachers earned a 3 or 4 on the rating system, yet 28% are proficient in math? Would love your input here before I start to ask questions at the district level.

    Thank you,

    Concerned Parent

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