Illegals get Drivers Licenses!

Thanks to Yes votes from both Bill Brady and Dan Brady, illegal (ILLEGAL) aliens will now be able to get Driver’s Licenses in Illinois.  Supposedly the roads will be safer.

How are they going to verify identity?  Legal citizens have to bring a birth certificate when they get a drivers license.

It didn’t work in New Mexico, why would the Brady bunch think ILLEGALS are going to run out and get a driver’s license and then buy insurance?

How are insurance companies going to rate them?  It’s usually by age or driving record.  They will have nothing, maybe not even the correct name.

Will illegals caught driving without a license and insurance be immediately deported?  Doubtful, Illinois loves illegals.

So, illegals supposedly aren’t eligible to work, but they are going to pay for drivers training, get a license and then buy insurance.

Makes perfect sense.

You can see the votes here:

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