Corruption in Stanford

By:  Diane Benjamin

Illinois Freedom of Information Law intro:

(5 ILCS 140/1) (from Ch. 116, par. 201)
    Sec. 1. Pursuant to the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of government, it is declared to be the public policy of the State of Illinois that all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts and policies of those who represent them as public officials and public employees consistent with the terms of this Act. Such access is necessary to enable the people to fulfill their duties of discussing public issues fully and freely, making informed political judgments and monitoring government to ensure that it is being conducted in the public interest.


Two days ago I posted a story asking where the $5 residents of Stanford pay a month is:

These comments were posted to the story, see them yourself at the link above:

Jimmy B says:

It costs on average $700 for an entity like a village to get your precious FOIA. How about some of you whiners cough up that money. Stanford is a small village without a lot of money so every time some wanker with a case of butt hurt wants one, it cost money. Dumb asses.

web staff says:

Why is your FOIA officer a lawyer? Documents belong to the public and since your lawyer is choosing to hide them (maybe for the money he will earn) it’s your fault!

What are you hiding?

Jimmy B says:

I’m hiding nothing. It has nothing to do with me. What it is though is conspiracy theorists who have nothing better to do than cost the taxpayers real money for nothing.

web staff says:  Then send me the information I requested.

Jimmy B says:

Why does it bother you that a lawyer is a FOIA officer? Is it because they know exactly how to handle frivolity like this and you don’t get your way so you cry and post it on a website that is controlled by you?

web staffsays:

    • Paying him to hide information is only going to cost you more. I won a FOIA lawsuit against Bloomington, should I go ahead and file against you?

The IP address for Jimmy B is State Farm.  Stanford has a Village Board member named Jim Bridgewater, does he work at State Farm?  Is that you Jim?  The email address you used sure sounds like it’s a strong possibility!

Jimmy, you need a few things explained to you.  The Village of Stanford doesn’t have any money that didn’t come from taxpayers.  Since they are paying, they are entitled UNDER THE LAW to see anything they want.  Pat McGrath may have told you to send all FOIA requests to him, but the only thing you are accomplishing is costing the TAXPAYERS money.  McGrath can not UNDER THE LAW hide information on where the $5 per month residents have been paying is and how much Stanford has collected.

There are very few things that aren’t subject to FOIA requests.  Maybe I should file a complaint with the bar association against Pat McGrath.  Maybe Stanford, Carlock, and every other small town he represents should be notified of his misconduct.  Jimmy, maybe you should forward the law to him and ask him why he is forcing you to clear FOIA requests with him and charging you for his unethical behavior.

Of course, maybe the money is missing!  Nobody will know until I get the FOIA as requested.

Jimmy, does State Farm allow you to circumvent the law?  I wonder what they will think of your language?

Maybe you should just resign the Board now Jim.

Decimal: 3428722574
ASN: 12104
ISP: Sprint
Organization: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Services: None detected

26 thoughts on “Corruption in Stanford

  1. Nice!

    While it is better than him watching porn on company time, I’m sure SF would love knowing that one of their employees is spending company time arguing with you about the village of Stanford essentially breaking the law.

    Maybe I should start my little mob idea in Stanford.

    I’ll need to talk to my consigliore.


    1. It’s amazing to me that governments vow to stay transparent. Then engage in this behavior when they are asked to provide evidence of how they are using money. And they wonder why no trusts them?


      1. Claiming to be transparent is just another (tell them what they what to hear) campaign trick. They’re deceitful and never had any intention of being truthful with the public.


  2. Now antagonizing this editor Jimmy, is not very smart. Mistake #2 bubba is that Dan Cansalvo, Corp Security Manager, and Tony Haney, the GM at your employer , G4S would not be happy with you using SF computers and doing this kind of stuff when you’re supposed to be WORKING!


    1. You need to stop proving you don’t know your donkey behind from a post hole. Bub is a long used nickname. Bub.


      1. “Bub is a long used nickname. Bub.” Ok, sunshine, explain WTF that means,.
        Well Jimmy, then I’ll just have to show you. I really hope you are Jimmy, cause if aren’t, you just did Bubba Jimmy, a disservice . 🙂 I sure Diane will be kind enough to send me the IP addy of your post two. Oh, and by the way sunshine, there are only two JB in Central Illinois, Your dad & he’s dead, and you. There’s one JB up in Bourbonnais, and another in Indiana, I also know you were born in May. So be wise my friend , you don’t want to be eating that donkey dung. Now be gone with you.


      2. Now Dawson Lake, I must apologize. Yes indeed I was mistaken, YOU may not be JB but Jimmy is, and Diane is right and so am I. However, since you just feel like sticking in your 2 cents when you make no sense at all, how about the next time I want your attention boy, I’ll just rattle my zipper for ya.


      3. K G in regards to your last comment to me, ” Now Dawson Lake, I must apologize. Yes indeed I was mistaken, YOU may not be JB but Jimmy is, and Diane is right and so am I. However, since you just feel like sticking in your 2 cents when you make no sense at all, how about the next time I want your attention boy, I’ll just rattle my zipper for ya.”
        I also can make these type of comments. But I only do them when special occasions that call for them, like now.

        I had a steer like you once. Yep he always over ate and he couldn’t reproduce or fight. Nope he just bellered and pooped. And that is my last comment. Have a nice day.


  3. Jimmy B. says, “Why does it bother you that a lawyer is a FOIA officer? Is it because they know exactly how to handle frivolity,,,” AND they also know how to sucker money out of dumb asses like you Jimmy. No conspiracy here, just the facts.


  4. When the government wants to expand the watching of citizens, their response to privacy concerns is that if you are not doing anything wrong (or have nothing to hide), the you shouldn’t worry about being watched. Funny how that rarely works in the opposite direction.


  5. A number of years ago I knew someone who worked in State Farms data security department under Bob Hilmer I believe who the head was at the time.

    They used to monitor posting on websites, particularly State Farm hate websites. They also at times would remind employees of appropriate use of computer resources, one being the internet. Evidently JB must not have read the policy. Shame on him and he should be reported to his employer because it doesn’t look like a lunch time break when the postings occurred.

    Usually SF warns the employee and after that as they would say internal employee today and tomorrow they are external.

    Now who is the dumba$$.


  6. I’d send the comments in a letter addressed to Bob Hilmer, Corporate South. They’ll find exactly who it was from log records.


  7. Dawson Lakes first post was nothing but confrontational and was just intended to harass. So if you want everyone to play nice, then don’t print those type of posts. Nuff said.


    1. It was never intended to be ” confrontational and was just intended to harass”. It was intended to remind you that there are a whole lot of JB’s out there and to think that just because you may have worked with one does not necessarily mean that it was the same one.


  8. With all due respect, I do believe you sir are the one who ASSUMED. I never said I worked with JB. Diane already knew the name of the Trustee, and the IP number and location of the computer, and it has been verified he works there. Also,there are not a lot of people with that name in Central IL. You ASSUMED there are, but there not but three. One lives in Bourbonnais, this fellow who lives in Stanford, and his dad who is deceased.
    So, I suggest that let this one go.


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