ISU: nepotism

By:  Diane Benjamin

A reader sent a Freedom of Information request to ISU for student employees in the offices listed below.

This email and document were received from the FOIA officer at ISU:


Groves3a3 of the students are related to the FOIA officer.

Children of ISU employees get 1/2 off tuition too.

Only one job was ever posted.

How is this fair to all the other kids paying full price?

Is it ISU policy to not post jobs?

What about the guy paid $50 per hour?  The job was never posted!

According to this site, James Carl Osorio is a music major:








  1. The music major probably gets a comp rate for playing an event for an hour or two. That is cheap considering what it costs other places to have live music at an event. Our church is charged much more than that per hour, and that’s at a severely discounted rate.


  2. “Children of ISU employees get 1/2 off tuition.” So, it’s a benefit we receive, what does it matter?


  3. The likely reason that these aren’t posted publicly is because they are work study positions. Meaning federal financial aid covers the wage costs. Students not eligible for financial aid, specifically work study, cannot apply, therefore they aren’t publicly posted. Not all financial aid recipients are eligible for work study.
    Same thing with graduate assistant positions, there only available for eligible graduate students in certain programs, therefore not all grad students can apply.
    It’s highly, highly likely that this is much ado about nothing.


  4. A lot of jobs don’t get posted and that goes for the private sector. Sometimes it’s word of mouth or managers speak with trusted individuals to recommend someone. It’s not uncommon to see family members get hired on at a place because they know someone. Where Nepotism becomes troublesome is if the people being hired are incompetent or just collecting a paycheck. It’s not exclusive to ISU and as long as the person does the job I have no issue with it.


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