It’s about the kids?

By:  Diane Benjamin


Highest area school district monthly pensions:

hey lex ler tri 19 oly u5 87See others at the link above.

3 thoughts on “It’s about the kids?

  1. Wow, would you look at that free money? They should help pay for the mayors free lunches and lawsuits since they’ve got this golden goose.


  2. yeah it always about the kids, until they have to make tough decisions, then it is all about them…exactly what these #s show…couple that with you cannot get rid of a tenured teacher….boy what a gig…..


  3. Yeah, and I HAD a couple of them in Dist 87 as a youngster, and they were NOT WORTH 10% of that. Talk about a RIP-OFF. As the professor in college ALWAYS said-“those that know, go in the field, and those that don’t , TEACH”!! Guess he wasn’t so dumb after all!


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