Unit 5 salaries

By:  Diane Benjamin

Household income in McLean is said to be around $60,000, maybe slightly higher.

According to Open The Books – Unit 5,  the top 250 employees in Unit 5 made more than $74,000 in 2015.

The top 500 employees earn more than $59,000.

912 employees are currently members of the teacher’s union negotiating with Unit 5, according to the paper.  I’m happy to see the teachers want less testing.  That’s what Common Core is!  They should demand it gets dumped.  Teach kids HOW to think instead of what to think.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard stories about the high schools not being well maintained because the janitorial staff had to be cut.  Maybe the last state budget fix helped, I haven’t heard an update.

I hope the teacher’s union recognizes a lot of their members earn more all by themselves than many households earn.  Maybe parents aren’t involved in the kids education because they have to work, some more than 1 job.

This is another example of government employees being just fine.  The rest of us struggle to pay for government.









  1. Elizabeth Gruber says:

    My question is are those salaries based on an income for 9 months or 12. That would make an even bigger difference and when you count in holidays (ie. xmas and spring break) even more discrepancy is noted.


  2. $60,000.00/year is median household income. About 25% of Bloomington’s 4 person households earn at or below the poverty level which is about $23,000/year. Just sayin’


  3. I had a teacher at B.J.HS. years ago who was very popular and a GREAT “life” teacher, he always said that “you DON’T get a better education with better paid teachers, you get a better education with INVOLVED teachers” Turns out, ole Howard KNEW what he was talking about!


  4. Dawson Lake says:

    Ah yes figures. When you know where you want to end up, you just make the numbers point your way. Note, Income average is just that, a numbered average, arrived at by dividing known salary by people of that area. Now the unstated about averages. Not all people have a higher education, result less average wage. Some folks have a short seniority on a job, result less wages. and yes some earn above that average. But my true point here is that more detail is needed to make true numbers. No I do not have an intrest in Unit 5.


  5. I find the problem right now to be with the administrators on that list. They’re the ones at the top and responsible for what happens in the district. Taking a look at the District Administrator positions, don’t some appear to be redundant? Which person or people on that list are responsible for how the contract is working with First Student?


  6. You are welcome to go to school to be a teacher, if you’d like to make more than the average. 🙂 Just a thought.

    People who make less, pay less in taxes. There are many people in our community that make WAY more than teachers and don’t have the extra obligations after their 8 hour day. Many teachers are at school on nights, weekends, during their breaks when they are not getting paid, and well passed the time they are suppose to go home each day to plan, prepare, and grade papers.

    In my opinion they are well worth the amount they get paid. Your last sentence suggests otherwise.


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