Hyatt hucksters or Normal nonsense?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Something isn’t right with Hyatt reportedly changing their minds on wanting tax rebates from Normal.

The resolution and new agreement was in the packet for last night’s meeting:  PDF page 159 and following:

The Town of Normal didn’t seem to mind the handout – they put it on the agenda where everything get the official Okee-Dokee from the Trustees.

I wonder if JB Pritzker got wind of one of his hotels asking for your money?  Since Democrats hate evil corporations, he must have been horrified!  He’s out trying to convince the party guppies he cares, Normal’s Hyatt could at least wait until after the election before begging for a bailout!  Besides, he’s a successful businessman!  Failure of a Hyatt hotel?  Not during a campaign!

Politics can best be described as convincing people to believe the unbelievable.  Koos announced item “I” on the agenda was withdrawn by the requester.  End of comments.

I hope somebody is sending newspaper clippings to Tari Renner.  The hotel business isn’t working out so well locally, and that’s BEFORE the official opening of the revamped hotel in north Normal.  Maybe Koos knew what was coming and took out the Motel 6 for Portillos in an attempt to save the Hyatt.

Epic fail.  Koos needs to take out some more competition – I wonder who is next?  How is the Chateau doing?






9 thoughts on “Hyatt hucksters or Normal nonsense?

  1. Koos shouldn’t be running a town. He should be HAPPY if they let him feed flamingos!
    Course they’d probably loose their pink feathers then. But Bike BLOW-NO is doing OK, right Chris?? And Bloomington pays for it-HOW in hades did that happen??

    1. HOW does Koos and Renner keep getting elected? I mean just LOOK at them, really LOOK at them.

  2. Maybe the rooms are just to high. Lets say you have 100 rooms. And you want $145 a night per room. Thats $14500.00 per night. But if only sell 10 rooms thats $1450. So lets say $70 per night and you sell 50 rooms Thats $3500 per night. And maybe just maybe the hotel across the street is taking some of your rooms. Didnt someone pay to have a company investigate if it would make money? I guess he got the one wrong.

  3. how about taking his bike shop out then maybe other bike shops can compete for all those bike programs

  4. A competent historian would review the demise of the former downtown Bloomington hotels, re: Hamilton Hotel, Illinois House, Coachman Motel and more but then there is that politically motivated hack of a historian in this town, brother Koos.

  5. Hmm looking into my crystal ball I foresee more hotels closing in the next 1-2 years here in wild and wonderful Bo-No. I mean the The Route 66 museum is not going to be THAT big of a draw that people will be flying in from all over to spend a day there, perhaps they can start pushing a double decker open top bus tour of BloNo where people can marvel at Restaurant Row all along Veteran’s and the State Farm buildings I have been told by a local hotel manager that occupancy rates are not exactly stellar as it is. Of course the “smart people” will just pay some other chain to come put up another one or they will just shuffle names around again.

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