TUESDAY Normal spending

By: Diane Benjamin

From the packet for the Normal Town Council meeting on 1/16/2018:   http://www.normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/2871

Normal made the same payment in the 1/2/2018 packet.  Proof Here    A FOIA has been filed.  According to the Secretary of State LLC filing, the address is a strip mall in Plano Texas and the LLC was revoked.  See https://www.ilsos.gov/corporatellc/

Just to apply for free federal money, the Town has paid  $30,279.56 in April, $21,641.66 in May, $71,827.73 in December and now another $45,422.59.  Total $169,171.54.  See this link for details of this and the above MCP payment:  https://blnnews.com/2018/01/01/normal-questions-questions/

This company is associated with Tinervin

Normal wants to continue to hide!

August 11, 2017 was an illegal planning session.  Business is to be done in public, not behind closed doors.  It was shortly after this meeting where early retirements were motioned, seconded, and passed in 18 seconds.  Details HERE

If you want to know what Normal “planned” in secret, I need funding for a lawsuit.  At least $400 unless I hire a lawyer to make sure it’s right.


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  1. Pssst, BLN,”August 11, 2018 was an illegal planning session. ” As I get older time sure does go faster.

  2. Diane – The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) has a Form D securities filing for a MCP Uptown Investors, LLC at the same Plano address. [Link below] It is signed by a “Beau Jaussi”. Google searches show that he is a partner with CollegePlace, which has several student housing and other off-campus properties, including here in Normal. There appears to be so much going on here. I’m sure this is just scratching the surface. Any online sleuths among your readership?



    1. Beau Jaussi
      College Place Partners
      CollegePlace Partners is a Texas based real estate investment firm focused on acquiring, repositioning and operating student-housing properties nationwide. Since 2015, CollegePlace partners has successfully acquired over $87,000,000 worth of student housing assets. Prior to forming CollegePlace Partners, Mr. Jaussi worked for a privately held student housing and management firm as Vice President of Acquisitions. As VP of Acquisitions his responsibilities included overseeing the entirety of the acquisition phase including sourcing and underwriting of potential acquisition targets and securing appropriate financing, coordinating and consulting with outside legal counsel in the negotiation of the acquisition of properties, internal contract review and drafting, and overseeing the preparation of offering memoranda as well as overseeing any and all legal matters concerning previous acquisitions. Prior to working in student housing, Mr. Jaussi worked in private practice as an attorney in both Washington and Nevada, where his practices focused on bankruptcy. Mr. Jaussi graduated with a Bachelor in Business Degree as a member from the Honors College of University of Texas-Arlington. He also holds a JD from the Gonzaga University School of Law and concurrently earned an MBA from the Jepson School of Business Administration at Gonzaga University.

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