Too Funny Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

When a Request for Review is filed, the Attorney General’s office sends the complaint to the government body and lets them respond.

I just received Normal’s response to what I filed concerning their workshop that wasn’t posted.

They claimed it wasn’t a real meeting and no decisions were made.  It was supposedly on the calendar, so that was sufficient.

They need to contact the Pantagraph writer then.  The article is FULL of decisions.  Read it HERE


  • The council also agreed through a series of straw polls . . .
  • The town also plans to end its electronics recycling . . .
  • Other programs are set to be reduced.
  • The council rejected closing the pool at Anderson Park . . .

That’s just a few of the decisions the Town lawyer claims they didn’t make.

I asked the AG for a BINDING opinion on “straw polls” since Bloomington frequently uses them too to pretend they aren’t voting on items not on the agenda.

See the complete response from Normal’s lawyer here:   51301 Fwd let

I don’t know why, but the AG is suddenly ruling faster than the years they used to take.  Now we wait.






5 thoughts on “Too Funny Normal

  1. You are my hero Diane! I know you are right, they know you are right, and I hope not one of them gets re-elected to any government position again!

  2. Unless I’m mistaken the AG ruled that the straw poll taken in a COD closed board session, was a vote taken by the public body in an executive session. I’m sure this will be ruled the same way.

  3. WHAT ya don’t know CAN hurt ya. In the pants pocket.. ESPECIALLY if Koos, Renner, Markowitz, etc are involved.
    WHO do these folks think they are fooling?? Really?

  4. They are planning to end their electronics recycling? The drop off hours were lousy enough. I believe that electronics are prohibited by law from being disposed of in the regular trash or curbside. So, where are people supposed to get rid of them? Guessing many people will “accidentally” break them up and slip them in with the trash, or get rid of them in other “creative” ways. (Illegal dumping)

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