Bloomington gets funny too

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember that joint meeting of the Council, Library Board, and Connect Transit that 5 members of the Bloomington City Council voted not to hold?  Remember Tari called a special meeting anyway?

Remember how he claimed his Downtown Task Force worked for months and had a right to be heard?  Remember the editorial from member Carlo Robustelli crying about not being listened to?



Tari’s meeting was held at the Police Station where video isn’t available.  You should thank Angela Scott who attended and Live Streamed it on Facebook!  It was obvious the meeting was not to hear from the Task Force. A facilitator led the entire meeting after a few opening comments.

The lady talked about a survey she had sent to everyone invited to participate.  She also claimed it was her survey and she hadn’t talked to anybody about the questions.  How did she know what questions to ask then?

I filed a FOIA request for the survey.  This is the denial I received:

It looks like Tari set this dog-and-pony show up, held it in a location where he thought only people who attended would know what happened, and then made sure the basis for the meeting (the survey) would never be public.

Since Carlo’s editorial was just last Sunday, is Tari refusing to give up on the ridiculous idea of moving the library and tearing down a parking garage?

Instead of working on real cuts to the budget, Bloomington’s mayor spends time on things like this and the upcoming welcoming ordinance for people not living here legally.

I wonder if he will shut down government if he doesn’t get tax increases since obviously there is nothing to cut!  AFSCME is campaigning on Facebook to make sure garbage isn’t privatized.

I received some other interesting info with the FOIA, like the report the library paid Farnsworth to compile:  BPL Long Range VisionStatement

I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time the Library is being turned into a social and fun club, here’s the proof:

The Conclusion has even more details, Normal wants a new library for the same reason.

You are getting more government sponsored Quality of Life spending whether you want to pay for it or not.

One more:

People are counted when they walk through the door regardless of why.    Smile though, you are on camera:  Door Count Visual





4 thoughts on “Bloomington gets funny too

  1. i remember years back seeing some of terries goals i though how nice .. now the goggles are off and no longer buying the bs . can you say mule headed azzhat ..terrie has spoiled kid demeanor and indifferent logic attitude .

  2. As to their “Library vision” – in other words, a library that ceases to be a library in the traditional sense and is no longer a true library at all. I find it quite sad really, they are using it as a another tool to further the progressive nightmare that they seem determined to force upon the populace. It’s way too deep to get into in a simple comment. I miss real libraries, there are still a few around, but the one in Bloomington is not one of them, and is instead yet another victim of the swamp rot that has been creeping through this town for decades now.

  3. THe Bloomington library IS a joke. I went there a wile back to RESEARCH some local history, and kids were running rampant, and it wasn’t ALL that quiet.. But I guess as a SOCIAL CENTER it would work for Tari and his minions as a place to eat pizza and Jimmie Johns…
    WANT a REAL library, go to Ames or Milner-which is a U.S. Government Repository! They STILL have one of the BEST map collections in the country, IF you know how to read a map!! Otherwise, follow your GPS to GOD knows where.

  4. These Long Range Visions Statements are the type of crap one finds in the Agenda 21 protocol which is the driving force of all this crazy spending. Borrowing to spend is owing the bankers. Borrow principal to pay that back plus interest. After awhile, the state is bankrupt and it’s citizens are slaving away to pay ‘da man!

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